Translating sign language into spoken language

The future looks bright, also for disabled people. Here an invention that will be welcomed by deaf people who can't speak and also by their friends and family. Indeed, communication between people who can speak and hear with people who can't will improve as sign language is converted into spoken language so people who don't understand sign language can understand deaf persons while the latter may understand slowly spoken sentences.

A pity that certain people notice the progress and think their saviour needs to hurry or he's no longer needed. Still, they may consider artificial intelligence as the God they're waiting for although he's not yet perfect and we need to feed it more knowledge.

And series such as Star Trek and others seems to have prophesied only a few decades ago the time we are starting to enter: one where we trust that computers will help to improve our lives. At least, if we teach computers to serve so we can rely on it and not distrust it.


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