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Visit to Belgium, part 2

As mentioned in my previous e-mail, the other days of my visit to Belgium. Between the two days in Brussels, as usually on a Friday, I go with my mother to my hometown Sint-Truiden where we see some ants of my mother for coffee, and their usual talks about what happens in live. Later that day, we went to my sister Isabelle to have a look to the newlook of the restaurant. While the restaurant had light colours in the past, mainly yellow and also some green (a wallpainting of an Italian-style garden), that was now all gone and replaced with dark colours. I have to admit, the change was so big I was disappointed.

On Sunday, the official opening of the restaurant (This was also the reason why I went to Belgium). Now there were more things in the restaurant, such as flowers and decoration, and now, I have to admit, the restaurant was much better, there was again some colour. And colours changed the restaurant into a really nice place. Later, as we would expect, guests came along. Fi…

Visit to Belgium

Last weekend, I went to Sint-Truiden in Belgium to bring a visit to my parents. My sister Isabelle invited me for the re-opening of her restaurant. And as I already was thinking of going I decided I would.

I had to get up at 4am Thursday morning to catch the train of 6am. I took a minicap. The taxi driver started talking and we ended with speaking about the Roman empire during Julius Caesar. He didn't like the emperor. We arrived at the station, and the taxi driver gave me his mobile number so that I can call him to continue our conversation about the empire.

The journey was easy and without any problems; this was in contrast to that afternoon when there was a major fire in the tunnel, destroying one tunnel.

During the day, I visited Brussels and waited for a friend I would see that evening. I sold him my lens for his camera. It was a beautiful day: warm and very sunny, we need more of these days.

Arriving at Brussels, the first thing that can be seen is a tall building (first…

The Ramayana


Lately I am having very bad dreams. They go about killing myself, or others. They wake me up and leave me awake for quite a time. I hope they will disappear one day.

When I have these dreams, I do some reading (last night about Hara Krishna), or after my dream about suicide, I did some praying and that made me fall asleep again. Also singing in my mind will remove the bad thought, singing 'Our Father' or 'Hare Krishna'. These made the mind calm. I also started doing some meditation. Two evenings ago, I did some meditation.

Lately, on Friday August 29, I went to an exhibition in the British Library after an interview for a job. The pictures below show the building of the library (in the background you can see the new international train station Sant-Pancras where the Eurostar now leaves to Belgium and France).

The exhibition visited had the name:

The story is the following (I remember this, so if some mistakes are made, forgive me):

Demigods beg the Upperg…

Chicken and the egg

A question that was long a mystery is finally resolved, and explained why!!

Question: what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Answer: first came the egg: fish, amphibian and reptiles all leg eggs, therefore, the egg came first. Also, can you imagine that a reptile (e.g. crocodile) changes from one day to the other into a chicken, then to lay an egg so a new chicken will be born. No, it was easier for nature to have a mutation during the development of an animal so that a new species (chicken) was formed. Of course, this took place over a longer period (mutations took place over time, giving rise over time to a new species).

In case someone has another view on this, please let me know and I might rethink my answer.