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(12o) Haiti - Victim of natural disasters

Poor Haitians. One disaster after another.

In 2010, thus only 6 years ago, a minimum of 100,000 people died during a terrible earthquake that hid the area of the capital Port-au-Prince while lots of the infrastructure but also many houses, including the presidential palace, were destroyed making many people homeless.

Then, as a result of foreign UN soldiers who tried to help the people in the aftermath of the earthquake, cholera was imported into the country, killing about 10,000 people over the years after the earthquake.

And now, probably as a consequence of climate change although still many people will deny, about 1,000 people died during the passage of a very strong hurricane, named Matthew while more buildings and infrastructure are damaged or completely destroyed, including a cathedral. In addition, as a result of flooding, it is very likely that the cholera epidemic will resurface and thus kill many more people over the coming weeks, months and maybe even years, certainly as part…