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President Trump: no isolationist

How people don't seem to understand President Trump as they think he is an isolationist but I don't see him like that.
It is not because a leader wants jobs for his own people that that means he wants to close the borders (unless the Mexican border to stop that more drugs can enter the USA). He wants that e.g. cars are made by Americans, sold in the USA and if possible abroad so Americans have jobs. One can disagree with his decision to invest more in fossil fuels instead of renewables but it will (temporarily) provide jobs to people while the rest of the world can decide to do it differently, i.e. invest in renewables. But already during the presidential campaign he indicated he may intervene in the world if necessary while his interest in fossil fuels may be to provide fuel for the army. Indeed, it is not because a president wants jobs for his own people that that means he doesn't want to look outwards as he has strong opinions about North Korea, Iran, Cuba, China, the …

Isis and 'our' fighters

A brief history Day after day and month after month, Isis is getting worse in it evil acts of killing people although it seems they are getting defeated at certain places. Indeed, they kill people, including women and children, by beheading or burning while the punishment for being gay is being thrown from buildings and then stoning if they are not yet death. And apart from what seems to be only a few attacks against Isis (that I will now call Daesh) by only a few countries, little is done to stop the progress of Daesh (out of fear to hurt Assad) while the inactivity results in more countries being sucked into the conflict (although doing more may have the same result). Indeed, after some US journalists were killed, the USA and some allies started to bomb Daesh, both in Iraq and Syria. I think the US first tries to locate their targets before striking and thus tries to limit killing innocent people while tries to maximise the killing of the enemy; the US even seems to support some opp…

(11k) Media under President Trump

The second most important person in the current US government, president Trump’s direct adviser Steve Bannon, told the media “… to keep its mouth shut …” and many journalists were chocked at this direct attack. This is not surprising to me nor should it be for the media that should follow and thus understand what goes on in society, illustrating that Mr Bannon may be right when he says that “The media should … keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile” as “They (= the media) don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States” while one would expect journalists may even have foretold this if only they took what's going on in the world more serious: people who protests for a better and fairer society versus people with an opposite view in an increasingly polarised world. But certainly powerful people in movements such as the Tea Party should be taken serious as they can influence politicians and business with thei…