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(12m) Roman Catholic Church and climate change

Pope Francis I published his much anticipated encyclicalabout climate change and the state of our planet. I didn't read the document but read some commentary and it seems it is quite a moderate document although it changes the language by acknowledging that actions are really needed, now.Discussion of document
This article summarises the document in eight points and I can agree with seven of them while one point (point 7) shows the pope's age. Indeed, we need new energy sources and mainly renewable energy produced at a local level (point 4). This doesn't mean we shouldn't be realistic by accepting there is a transition period with the continued use of other sources such as gas and nuclear energy but with the need to stimulate investments in new energies and much less in the old ones as they are very expensive (point 1) as it seems President Obama's climate deal is trying to do.
Still, the burning of coal should be stopped as soon as possible (again point 1) as this i…