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Entropy always increasing?

Recently I saw some dust. They were cluttered together so I could simply pick them up and remove them. Then, I started thinking. Scientists say that in a closed area, entropy remains the same or increases but can never decrease. Is this really so?
In my case with the dust: after cleaning my house, my house smells fresh and is a little shiny; entropy is low but will soon (immediate) start to increase again. Dust will appear originating from e.g. clothes, and after a few days it is impossible to see I cleaned my house; it simply looks clean. After more time more dust is made, and people start seeing that the house is dirty, I should start cleaning again. Entropy is at its greatest and energy is needed to tidy again.

However, from a certain moment onwards, I think entropy reached its maximum and will decrease again until a certain level where a steady state arrives, and this because everywhere there is energy that stops the increase in energy. In some areas dust will stick together, whi…