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(13d) Implosion

Here a very interesting article that writes about a man who predicts the implosion of our financial system and thus our whole society, just as I discussed before. Of course, 'real' economists are trying to find out where he is wrong so they can continue claiming they can continue taking as much as they are still taking now.

Indeed, he too says the inequality between the majority who, although they earn more than their parents earned at their age, become poorer because the wealthy are becoming so rich they force prices upwards so that in real terms people become worse off.

When people have too much money, they start earning money not by working but by for instance buying many houses to let to others who can't earn enough any more to buy something for themselves. Or these people sell at a higher price, therefore further increasing prices. Because, those who bought want a return to their investment and thus increase rent prices or sell at a higher price, therefore further inc…