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Christmas and New Year

For those who might visit my blog, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. That 2011 might bring you a good health, luck and peace.


Some time ago, I was given a few poets, more precisely Peat Poets. Here I will write them down. They are marked as Craig Stobo 2006.

Unspoken Comma A silence is a pause, a pause is a moment, a moment is a thought, a thought begets a question, a question demands an answer, an answer preceded by a silence.

Andrew kicked a ball
blootered three past the Killie:
Maryhill worshipped


Streaming filaments
blazing down from outer space:
Leonids shower.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Following their whims
in daybreak's ashen stillness,
kissing until warm,

lovers embrace snow,
transforming flakes to water,
drowning each other;

snatched up from this world,
placed in heaven by angels:
binary starlight.

I will publish in future more poems, and with a little more depth.


Since about two years I am (mostly) vegetarian. Normally, I eat only vegetables together with eggs and cheese, so I am not completely against animal food. Cheese, milk and egg products are from animals but one does not have to kill an animal to eat it. I know, to have these products animals might suffer as they are not free. But then, even plants have to be killed to be eaten and I am sure, the plants don't like that too. Mostly, the only reason why I eat meat is not to offend a person who invited me for a dinner and did his best to prepare the food.

Below some examples of food I have recently eaten. The first one with recipient. I used mushrooms, spring onions, aubergine and red and (from my own plant) yellow peppers. When cooking vegetarian, I always try to use lots of colours so it looks nice and taste good. Only green is boring, even for the taste. These were fried together in a home-made olive oil. Then I added broccoli that I had cooked before and, of course I use different …

A single man

Last week, I saw the film 'A single man'. It is a beautiful film ... until the end.

The film starts with the main person drawning, so you know that the film will be a little depressing. Then the film tells why he is drawning (in fact he wasn't, he is only dreaming and you understand during the course of the movies why he feels so bad). His lover of many years died in a car accident, and the main person finds it difficult to adjust to life without him. He meets many people and in the end, he wants to life again.

And then, he dies. Who invented such an end? Gays have to die, or become crazy but certainly, it cannot go well. I felt emotional untill almost the end, and then he died. It was one of the worst ends of a movie I have ever seen, I even got an headache when I left, such was the difference with what we expected. I only can say, gays are a jealous lot of people who don't want the best for their partner, even not after they are dead. To understand this, you have to se…

Visit from London: Allan

During Easter weekend, I had a friend over from London. He is Allan and he came over from Thursday evening till Monday evening. He is a good friend and we had a good laugh.

The evening he arrived, we went to a bar (Plattesteen) in central Brussels. There I let him try a gueze, a typical beer from Brussels. In the meanwhile we where make fun and of course we gave each other a brief summary of life from the past months.
The other days I showed him around Brussels. We went to the Atomium where we went to the top floor. From here there is a great view over the city Brussels and surrounding regions. Unfortunately it rained for a brief time quite heavily and the sky was very grey when we were upstairs. But most of the day it was dry and even sunny, but cold.

Allan in front of the Atomium and a view from the top of it. For those who are brave: they can go and stand on top of the building and slide down.

We also walked quite some distance while we saw the best-known monuments of Brussels such as …

Gay watch

Yesterday, I went to a gay pool party in Oceade in Brussels. It is a large swimming complex with waves, slides and outdoor pools. The picture above is not how the complex looks like, it is only my entrance ticket, with a beach feeling on it. Upon arrival I got another ticket for my locker as shown below.

The music was great and many, beautiful people where there, most of them male. Most of them were white but there was a conciderable number of black people and a small proportion of orientals. All were in their most flashy swimming trunks.

I had lots of fun, swimming in the many pools, including the one with waves. I also went down the slides, swom outside (nice warm water and a beautiful view of the Atomium) and I used the jacuzzi and sauna.

I also met a person from the Netherlands, Herman, with whom I danced a little. Other moments I danced on my own.

As I now live in Brussels, a small city compared with London, you see often the same face. And there he was again, a beautiful black man. …