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(15d) Previous USA President Obama gave advise

Former USA President Barack Obama hit the hammer on the nail when he spoke at a Democrats fundraiser event. Democrats should stop mourning the loss of the presidential elections 2016 and start to say what they may do when in power. Analyse why then Mr and now President Donald Trump won the elections and find solutions that are better and include almost everyone in society. Otherwise, those "who are" today will be those "who were" tomorrow as the recent N.Y. democratic elections demonstrated when the main candidate lost from an inexperienced "socialist" Democrat. Still, whatever solution, some people will have none of them except the most extreme.
Therefore, politicians should stop to listen to and talk with almost exclusively only (multi)millionaires and billionaires to hear their solutions, i.e. more tax reductions for the rich to stimulate the economy and more penalties for those who don't work, including seriously ill people. Those wealthy have eve…

Theresa May calls for immigration based on skills and wealth

PM May's plan to allow immigration based on skills and wealth was to be expected. After the two golden decades that started under PM Major and continued under PM Blair, the decline continues. Under these two PMs, people from poorer areas were stimulated to follow higher education and to achieve this major investments were done in education in general, including new schools.
Also major investments at universities resulted in collaborations with overseas universities, many foreigners (including from poorer countries) moving to the UK and top research.
Also free healthcare via the NHS whereby major investments resulted in good equipped (new) hospitals, good healthcare professionals and reduced waiting times.
Also a house for everyone was promoted and thus people could buy a property, improve it and sell it naturally more expensive to buy a larger house and repeat the above. This resulted in more expensive and now difficult to buy properties, certainly when houses and flats were sold…

(18h) The Black Panther movement

An interesting the Guardian article about the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers was a movement in the USA that was quiet radical in their struggle for equal treatment between white and non-white and more specifically black people; some members even murdered. They were radical because for them the peaceful movements didn't achieve much. And although their radicalism even alienated people who agreed everyone should be treated as equals, it also made clear something was wrong.
The article describes how some of its members are today almost 50 years in prison, some understandable as they murdered but also as a warning to other black people to not demand too much to avoid punishment and the result is that due to frustration, black people often oppose each other, even today. Still, not only black people who used aggression to show their anger were put in prison or killed, also peaceful leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King were taking great risks when they demanded black people were tre…