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(08d) Noah - understanding the story?

A few months ago, the film 'Noah' came out in cinemas. I haven't seen the movie but the film started some discussions about Noah's role whereby people question whether he was 'the good guy' as I ones did. And although I wrote already about Noah, as I think I now start to understand the story I write something more worked out (I never imagined I would ever feel the need to try to explain these stories in the hope it may prevent some people from following extremists although, it can be dangerous reading others explanation in some countries). Of course, my interpretation can be wrong (up to you to decide). Here I go ...Summary of the story The story of Noah is about a person who built a large boat to survive according to the story the biggest flood ever on Earth and this together with some family members and seven pairs of ritually clean and one pair of ritually unclean animals of each species. The flood was ordered by God to destroy the 'wicked'. Similar…

(18d) Battle between different coloured people

Current situation
The troubles in Ferguson show something is seriously wrong. Again a black unarmed man was killed by a white policeman. Who was to blame, I can't say but the testimony of the policeman who killed him seems to indicate he was afraid of the black man (with or without reason, I can't say). But what he says already indicates something is seriously wrong when indeed white people feel threatened by black people (men). Although the white policeman who killed (by accident, out of fear?) will not be prosecuted, we cannot be sure that the family will not face an enquiry while any possible prosecution for expressing their anger may cause the gunpowder to explode. And this was not the first and probably not the last dead black man. Also in NY a black man was killed by mainly white policemen for what seems is a major crime: selling cigarettes on the streets and as a consequence new violence erupted across the USA. If police, each time someone argues with them (without the …

Indian food with Western mixture

After a long silence, a new vegetarian recipe - this time using an Indian recipe, mixed with my own ideas.

A can of Punjabi Chatpate Choley
Brussels Sprout
Almond nuts

This section is short as it is not too difficult to prepare this food, unless you also prepare the Indian part.

First, I start cooking the rice (heat a little oil before adding the rice and some dried herbs, mix and finally add water so it can boil until the rice is ready and the water gone).

Then, I boil Brussels Sprouts and potatoes. I also fry in a pan small pieces of onions together with almond nuts while using some herbs and salt and pepper according to taste. The cooked Brussels sprout are also added for a short time to the onions to improve their flavour.

I empty the can of Punjabi Chatpate Choley into a pot and heat on a mild fire. The main ingredients are curried chick peas in a richly spiced hot sauce. As soon as the sauce is warm, I add the other vegetables, ge…

Raqqa - capital of the Isis caliphate

This article in the Guardian describes the harsh life for ordinary people in Raqqa, the capital of the Isis caliphate. It shows that not only people in cities under attack from Isis suffer, but also that ones a city is taken by Isis, life becomes very difficult for most people as Isis fighters are real psychopaths with no intention to improve the life of people but only exist to benefit their own desire to destroy.

But also following paragraph in the article does not surprise me (I highlighted in bold the essence):
"When warplanes belonging to President Bashar al-Assad killed scores of residents last week, repeatedly targeting heavily populated areas of the city, Isis and its battery of anti-aircraft and missile defences did not fire a single round. The lack of response further enraged Raqqa’s inhabitants towards the extremists, according to witnesses."
Indeed, as I mentioned before, I think Isis and Assad are closer than we may think although of course I have no proof an…

Poor people can be blamed for all failures in society - part 1

A report published in the UK claims it shows that poor people gamble more than rich, and thus some (all?) conservative people claim the culture of poor people, rather than betting companies, is at fault. It seems about 4-times less people gamble in rich rural areas of southern England compared with northern cities (= poorer region) and with London areas with high levels of unemployment. 1) Gambling The results of the report about gambling, should these numbers surprise? Many years ago, when PM Thatcher was the iron boss, people protested against the closing of mines which were mainly located in the north of England and thus people were showing their anger for loosing their jobs (many people called the strikers lazy and said their protests showed they didn't want to work. But would lazy people protest against loosing a job?). The region never fully recovered afterwards and became poor.

I can imagine that when people earn only a few hundred pounds or euros a month as some people do…