The UN is no solution as peacekeepers in this world

‘Moral obligation and political imperative’ to support Syria on path to peace: Guterres

“It is a moral obligation and a political imperative for the international community to support Syrians to unite around a vision for their common future that protects civilians, alleviates suffering, prevents further instability, addresses the root causes of the conflict and forges, at long last, a credible negotiated solution,” the Secretary-General concluded.

It was so predictable but the UN is now telling the Syrians and the international society that they must unite around Syria's president (I accept, he doesn't use those words) so the conflict can end and we can finally send back those annoying refugees. And thus, Assad and Putin are the moral leaders in this world as are the UN.

They are not. It is like saying that Hitler should be accepted, even by the Jews if that was the price to end a war. Assad can't be a solution although he, and his secret service IS, killed so many Syrians that they are too tired to oppose him.

It's the same as in Rwanda, Yugoslavia and so many other regions where human rights are violated: the UN is an organisation where diplomats earn very much to reach agreements with dictators and nothing else. It's time to stop this organisation and replace it with something new that talks less but act to protect people.

First, get rid of the veto right and get a majority vote whereby countries need diplomacy to reach their goal and not a veto to block actions against mass murderers. I accept, larger countries but also those who contribute more may have a few extra votes as they can't be equalled to countries with a small majority. Still, they can't block decisions unless a majority of countries support them. This will weaken Russia (and often also China), main supporter of all evil in this world.


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