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Visit from London: Allan

During Easter weekend, I had a friend over from London. He is Allan and he came over from Thursday evening till Monday evening. He is a good friend and we had a good laugh.

The evening he arrived, we went to a bar (Plattesteen) in central Brussels. There I let him try a gueze, a typical beer from Brussels. In the meanwhile we where make fun and of course we gave each other a brief summary of life from the past months.
The other days I showed him around Brussels. We went to the Atomium where we went to the top floor. From here there is a great view over the city Brussels and surrounding regions. Unfortunately it rained for a brief time quite heavily and the sky was very grey when we were upstairs. But most of the day it was dry and even sunny, but cold.

Allan in front of the Atomium and a view from the top of it. For those who are brave: they can go and stand on top of the building and slide down.

We also walked quite some distance while we saw the best-known monuments of Brussels such as …