Pollutants should go down

Humanity ‘at a crossroads’ as damage to planet poses growing risk to health, UN environment agency warns https://news.un.org/feed/view/en/story/2019/03/1034611

People call the youngsters who demand action against climate change but also against destruction of the environment stupid. Still, here another UN report that promises that, when humans don't change their behaviour, our health will be at risk.

Therefore, as I continue to say: we need a cleaner industry. There is nothing against some CO2 production as this is needed to balance the O2 levels (and thus bio energy production such as burning wood should be possible) but more fossil fuel levels of CO2 harm us (now) while also the levels of plastics and other products in the environment harm, including our fertility (although fewer children may not be a bad thing) and that of animals and maybe even plants. Therefore, new and cleaner production of products is needed


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