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(14c) Possible solutions to reduce traffic problems in cities

In Belgium, since many years people discuss how to reduce or even solve the standstill of the traffic, certainly within major cities and on highways that connect cities and towns as here traffic sometimes comes to a standstill while it is expected that the number of cars will further grow in future.

Some politicians think one of the solutions is building shopping malls just outside towns and cities so traffic doesn't need to enter them.
However, this means people from within and outside cities and towns need to travel to those shopping malls and this will also cause traffic problems as people will probably use their car since people travelling to those shopping malls often buy plenty or they would buy it in their local shop.In addition, I agree with those who claim that these shopping malls may damage local economies inside cities and towns as people who buy in these malls will probably not visit the city centre to buy, drink or eat something, certainly not if they came by car as dr…