Extremism and nationalism - no good ideologies

Attack on two mosques in New Zealand by a white supremacist are disgusting and most Westerners condemn those who did this while they also condemn those who spread hatred against other people, i.e. the extreme right. But, we should also recognise that people from other backgrounds need to be educated in order that they recognise that everyone deserves respect in our multicultural society.

On the other hand, Muslims still don't seem to understand why this happened and may happen again. People in the West become angry with Muslims, and rightly so. Remember 09/11 in New York and other attacks in Brussels, Paris, London, Spain to name only a few in the West while hate preachers preach in certain mosques to attack the West. Don't forget all those mad people who kill in the name of Allah in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan to name only a few Muslim countries. Thus yes, Muslims, accept that many Muslims but also Westerners die because of actions by hardliners of your own religion and be also more angry and thus willing to stop them. Organisations such as Al-Qaeda, Daesh and Boko Haram to name only three are devil cults that attract persons who want to do evil and thus their followers are detested everywhere because they kill innocent people while force survivors to join them. They kidnap women to rape them so they produce children, not to love but who can be used to kill. In short, everything in their ideology is anti-life.

The text speaks for itself

And now, due to (civil) wars in many Muslim countries where corrupt leaders suppressed their countrymen and now people want to liberate themselves, people flee their country and try to reach Europe for their safety while people here are afraid that extremists may join them to kill while we also understand most of those people are indoctrinated that women should obey men and cover themselves while LGBTs should not exist. Thus, people in the West don't want to risk losing the freedom they fought for.

An example: mass murderer Saddam Hussein of Iraq has been removed from power with the help of the West. But instead that people celebrate he's gone, religious leaders are telling people to oppose their liberators because they have the wrong religion and after sufficient years of troubles people blame the liberators for the troubles in their country. This is also the curse of the Syrians: when they were begging the West for help to protect them against their dictator, because people in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan were not grateful that they were liberated but started to fight against each other and their liberators, the West decided that people in that region need dictators to keep them calm and thus countries didn't do much to help; people even condemned President Trump when he ordered the bombing of an airport after another gas attract by Syria's Assad. The consequences: many refugees are scattered over many countries while the West is again supporting leaders that keep their countrymen under control.

If people would more focus on the small things in life, fewer people would do stupid things that harm others

And thus, as a reaction to the many violence in many Muslim countries, also in the West extremism rises as anger and fear increases while a growing number of Westerners distance themselves from Muslims and categorise themselves as Christians. As a reaction against this growing Islamophobia they experience whereby some individuals attack Muslim places such as happened in New Zealand, Muslims group together and thus the split in society may only increase instead of the reverse. On the other hand, many Westerners understand that during decades, extreme right tried to spread hate against Muslims (and against other people) but they were controlled and even brought to courts; still, extremism in a section of the Muslim population increased and some killed innocent people. And thus, people notice that Islam extremism seem to increase around the planet (and may increase further with growing climate instability) just as extreme right told would happen while some Muslims don't seem to be grateful for the privileges they had in the West compared with their original country. The result is that more people start to vote more extreme in favour of politicians who want to close borders and control certain specific groups in society. For instance, people voted for President Trump who is still angry that Muslims attacked New York but don't show remorse as they want to open another mosque not far from the place that was attacked. Also LGBT people are angry because many defended a multicultural society and oppose extreme right, still, no "thank you" but instead many Muslims detest gay people and think they deserve it to be killed. Although, many Muslim in the West start to know LGBT people and notice most are nice people.

Those who claim the evil America invaded Afghanistan unlawfully and the result is Muslims who are angry, they didn't but Afghanistan refused to arrest and evict the main person behind the 09/11 attacks and thus the West tried to catch him and they did. Indeed, victims of terrorists deserve justice. The occupation of Afghanistan even resulted in a better life for many whereby e.g. music and coffee houses were again allowed while women were no longer stoned when some of their skin became visible. Now that the West is retreating, the Taliban is again gaining power and, unless they changed (something I fear is not), the Afghans may beg for a return of the West to protect them against their own leaders.

But these western terrorists are as bad as the Muslim terrorists they hate as they hate every Muslims and not only the extremists while they do the same. In countries such as Norway and New Zealand where it seems there were few problems, white terrorists (supremacists) did everything to anger the Muslim communities in the hope they want to take revenge. Extremism, whatever its origins, is always wrong: you can try to neutralise (potential) terrorists, alive or death, but you can't target a whole group of people. Still, the media informs that in certain mosques imams preach hate. In addition, in many Muslim countries churches are burned and Christians are targeted and now certain people want revenge for those they consider as their own, a tit-for-tat culture. Still, although there has been Muslim terrorism, extreme right advances much slower than they thought they would while these lonely supremacists remind people that extreme right may only increase the problems and are most likely not a solution as they too preach hate and may use violence and some even kill innocent people, even their own people. Indeed, in Norway a man killed tens of young people because they were socialists and wanted to discuss how to improve living in a multicultural society in which people can be themselves but also respect people who are different. Plus, normal parties responded correct: no longer do they only reach out to other communities but they also condemn terrorists while try to find the guilty. Indeed, in the past they seemed too soft while now there is a balance between reaching out to everyone over prevention to arrest of criminals. The only thing they still need to agree to is that sometimes police and Intelligence Agencies need to be able via court orders to have access to people's accounts. Not internet companies should decide whether personal accounts can be investigated but courts should decide this. For this laws needs to allow this, and these laws exist: jurisdiction is above internet companies.

The result: because of all these mad extremists who claim to defend their own culture and religion, people, wherever they live, start to oppose the culture and religion the terrorists claim to defend, including their own. It also shows that Intelligence Agencies should not waste their time by spying on climate change activists but search the internet for words such as "End of the world", "Armageddon", ... because in these posts religious people describe how they think God will cause climate change (instead of humans) and the violence religions may trigger to regain lost respect and power, one of the reasons many deny climate change. But, in the end, only the most evil persons may remain religious and they may have to beg their God to protect them against the anger of most people who are fed up with their madness. That is the moment they can be defeated, if the prophesy is correct. But, maybe I'm wrong and the religious people win.


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