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Some time ago, I was given a few poets, more precisely Peat Poets. Here I will write them down. They are marked as Craig Stobo 2006.

Unspoken Comma A silence is a pause, a pause is a moment, a moment is a thought, a thought begets a question, a question demands an answer, an answer preceded by a silence.

Andrew kicked a ball
blootered three past the Killie:
Maryhill worshipped


Streaming filaments
blazing down from outer space:
Leonids shower.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Following their whims
in daybreak's ashen stillness,
kissing until warm,

lovers embrace snow,
transforming flakes to water,
drowning each other;

snatched up from this world,
placed in heaven by angels:
binary starlight.

I will publish in future more poems, and with a little more depth.


Since about two years I am (mostly) vegetarian. Normally, I eat only vegetables together with eggs and cheese, so I am not completely against animal food. Cheese, milk and egg products are from animals but one does not have to kill an animal to eat it. I know, to have these products animals might suffer as they are not free. But then, even plants have to be killed to be eaten and I am sure, the plants don't like that too. Mostly, the only reason why I eat meat is not to offend a person who invited me for a dinner and did his best to prepare the food.

Below some examples of food I have recently eaten. The first one with recipient. I used mushrooms, spring onions, aubergine and red and (from my own plant) yellow peppers. When cooking vegetarian, I always try to use lots of colours so it looks nice and taste good. Only green is boring, even for the taste. These were fried together in a home-made olive oil. Then I added broccoli that I had cooked before and, of course I use different …