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(5k) Generational conflict

I think the article is correct about a growing division between younger versus older generations, partly because the quick changes in our society take many by surprise so many can still not understand what's happening and feel left behind. Further, societies become more unequal and this angers people. And thus, I fear this generational conflict may be hard to resolve and may further intensify.
Indeed, previous generations fought hard for social improvements for ordinary people in a time when people were sometimes still almost property of employers and few could afford to buy their own house while pensions but also other social benefits such as access to healthcare were almost nonexistence. Then a time arrived when it was normal to have access to social benefits such as accessible good healthcare while people earned sufficient to be able to live a good life that included luxurious items such as traveling. And now, the younger generation demands changes to e.g. the pension system to…

Coexistence of humans and animals

A document has been signed by many public figures in which they call to stop the import of anytrophies from trophy hunters, certainly when they kill endangered animals. I agree, those wealthy trophy hunters should not abuse the fact that many countries where these animals live are poor and need money (sometimes for the pockets of corrupt politicians). But I think it should go further whereby trophy hunters should know that they can't return to their own country after their hunt because upon arrival in their own country they will be arrested on charges that they are partly to blame for the extinction of animal species, even when they're royal.
Relation developed versus developing countries But I realise we should not condemn countries where endangered but also potentially extremely dangerous animals live such as lions and tigers, elephants and rhinos when they decide the animal population became too large, certainly in the face of their growing population.
The Netherlands Indeed…

(12q) Why I'm not a "gilet jaune" (yellow jacket)

I'm NOT a gilet jaune (yellow jacket). Yes I sympathise with people who find it increasingly difficult to pay bills, including electricity and fuels to warm houses and drive cars. Still, I don't agree with that what they ask, i.e. cheaper fossil fuels. Indeed, unions should finally start talking reality and that means climate change is real and other energy forms are needed that will create jobs while indeed, those jobs should be where the products are sold and not in developing regions where people are underpaid while here products are still sold too expensive for many. But I accept that many of these demonstrators are not violent thugs although some are too stupid to understand that violence is no solution and use it while also opponents infiltrate to cause troubles so the gilets jaunes will be blamed.
However, I could agree when they would demand subsidies for the less well off to help with the insulation of their houses and installation of solar panels and even other rene…

Comments on a discussion at radio Klara

Recently there was a beautiful program on Klara (Flemish classical music broadcaster) whereby music and discussions were linked. The central theme was the past holocaust and what people can do to each other, extending up to today. I'm not sure how long this program will be available and it's in Dutch so many will not understand what they're talking about.

Climate change and its possible consequences Apart from discussing only the past, they also reflected on our current time with its climate change and the miserable period it may bring. Indeed, in a number of countries dictators rule and climate change may be the tipping point when harvests fail and people start to be hungry and even thirsty so people will rise against their leaders such as in Syria but also elsewhere in Africa and Latin America. But, as we're with too many on this planet who don't want to change the way we live, many choose wrong leaders as they are angry about the cost of essential measures that n…