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Green versus Red versus Blue, exit Yellow

As elsewhere, Antwerp's socialists (Red) and environmentalists (Green) don't seem to be natural partners to work together. I think liberals (Blue) and Green are much closer ideologically as both are in favour of entrepreneurship and freedom to express yourself but they don't recognise this because I think the Blue are too much attached to the past to recognise in full the potential of the new economies such as clean energy although they too recognise the digital possibilities.
In Antwerp a collaboration between the socialists (Red) and environmentalists (Green) collapsed. The main reason is that a socialist candidate seems to have used accounting tricks and this became public as should be in good democracies so people know what they may expect from politicians they have to elect although the Red seem to disagree as they defended their candidate; also in the past they had members who were creative. And thus the Green no longer want the Red as partner during coming election…