(13b) Extended period of Brexit negotiations

EU on no-deal Brexit motion: 'like Titanic voting for iceberg to move'.

Many pro-EU British will celebrate that the negotiations can continue and that, according the British parliament, the UK can't leave the EU without a deal.

However, they should not think that the British Empire still ruled and can set its conditions. Indeed, the article describes this. Also MEP Guy Verhofstadt is opposed to a period too long after 28/03/2019 because, without any directions what the UK wants, is such an extended negotiation period worthless and creates it only uncertainty for everyone and thus chaos. As he said, if only all UK noises would agree to point in the same directions, a good deal, both for the EU and UK could have been negotiating. Now there may be nothing left than anger and frustration.

For instance, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) moved to Amsterdam. As long as the Brexit is not final, who will pay the rent of its previous headquarters in London? In case the negotiation period is extended and thus the UK remains a member, could it claim that the decision to move EMA's headquarters to Amsterdam is illegal (similar for another Agency that moved to Paris)? Or it may at least claim they the EU should continue paying the rent of the officers unless the contract ended. Indeed, not closing a deal brings uncertainty, like it or not.


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