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Publication of old posts

Over the next few weeks/months (time goes so fast that what seems only yesterday may in reality have happened years ago) I will publish some posts I wrote earlier, and I will post them on the date I last edited them. Either it is now or never. In newer posts I may reference to those earlier post that are only now being published.

Return Isis children - Yes - Their parents - No

Belgium returned six children of ISIS / Daesh fighters back to Belgium. I agree. These children are victims of parents of whom some kidnapped their own daughters so they could be raped to produce children to kill while others were born out the devils pact parents signed to breed children to indoctrinate so they will fight till death. And thus, children are victims and should be helped. Of course, upon their arrival our society needs to reprogram them by telling these children that we want to help them so they can have a good life while their parents wanted them death. Compare with Germany after WWII where children, even adults, were still able to become good people after the defeat of Hitler. And yes, the children will be monitored and supervised.

The question is what to do with the parents. As I wrote earlier (although only recently published), although some people went to Syria to fight against Syria's president Assad as they saw how he slaughtered civilians, even children, by us…

Violent real-life footage versus showing fake violence

I agree with France's leftwinger Mr Mélenchon: you can't win from extreme right by prosecuting someone who showed terrible images of real violence to defend herself and her party from being compared with an extremely violent terrorist group, as long as that party didn't use the same violence as the terrorists used. Imagine Mrs Le Pen may be fined or even has to go to prison for showing the violence of ISIS, things that we know are true, it is likely more people will defend her and her party. Further, it can also become an argument to sentence journalists who show possible extreme right violence because violence can't be shown. No, ISIS violence was and still is real and thus you can't prosecute someone for speaking truth about this violence while comparing this group and extreme right that claims to be against violence probably only plays to the benefit of extreme right as long as it doesn't use violence. But it is correct, because the language and images that …

(12v) Take responsibility for your waste - don't dump it

New international rules are signed to prevent that countries dump their waste in other countries, unless those countries agree. These rules will force countries to produce less waste and to develop better recyclable products or to develop methods to be able to recycle difficult recyclable products.

Good. Exporting (plastic) waste from developed to developing countries will become more difficult as developing countries now have to agree to accept waste. China already refused to accept more foreign waste, now also Malaysia will refuse more foreign waste and even intends to send back the waste we already dumped there. Indeed, ones countries develop beyond a certain level they refuse waste from others and instead may even start to export their own waste. And the hypocrisy of certain Western countries: we condemn other often much less developed countries when they dump or burn waste but when recyclables can no longer be exported to poor countries we destroy much of our own recyclable waste …

(8g) Adam and Eve - my interpretation

The story of Adam and Eve
Many people know the story of Adam and Eve: Adam was created by God but soon he felt lonely and thus God decided to create out of Adam's rib a woman, Eve.
God told both that they can use everything except the apples of that one tree in the middle of the garden in which they were living.
Then the devil in the form of a snake appeared and convinced Eve to convince Adam to take an apple from that tree of "the knowledge between good and bad".
We know the story: first Adam hesitated as he remember what God told him but the power of women to convince men can be too much and thus he agreed to take an apple and both Adam and Eve took a bite. Instantly they noticed they were naked and covert themselves as they had eaten from the tree of knowledge. For this, God threw them out of paradise and into the wilderness.

People disrespect requests
Many people think God exaggerated. Indeed, such a harsh punishment for eating an apple. Still, how many people don't e…

Right to vote versus Compulsory voting system and Parliamentary Seat

Compulsory voting versus Voting rightsSunday, 26 May 2019, election day. I had to vote for 4 parliaments: the European Parliament, the Belgium Parliament, the Brussels Parliament and Brussels' Flemish Representatives in the Flemish Parliament. In Belgium it is "I MUST" because here we have compulsory voting. The reason? Probably because Belgians are too stupid to decide for themselves whether or not they want to vote and this in contrast to most other developed countries.
And thus, as Belgium opted for compulsory voting, I think this obligation should be enforced until it becomes ridiculous. Indeed, illness should be the only exception that people don't "must" vote. As elections are announced sufficient time in advance, people can organise themselves in such a way they can vote and thus they shouldn't be able to use excuses such as they are on holiday. Indeed, if a system decides voting is mandatory than people who don't vote should be penalised; if…