Extreme right is not an answer as it kills

Christchurch attack: suspect had white-supremacist symbols on weapons

For all those who think that extreme right is the solution, think again. New Zealand, a country without Muslim terrorism, still a mad white extremist (and some helpers) killed at least 49 Muslims who were praying in a mosque. The same happened a few years ago in Norway where another mad guy, it seems an inspiration for this one, killed many youngsters who wanted to discuss how to improve a multicultural society.

Yes, there are Muslims who cause troubles and kill and not a normal person says we should not yet rid of those individuals. Still, these persons did exactly the same as those other terrorists they despise: they kill innocent people. These people use violence in the hope violence will return. They are the same type of people who hate others, even without being hurt by them. Yes, worldwide people suffer from Muslim extremists and thus people become angry, but in New Zealand, no-one suffered until this white person killed. Extremists of whatever religion hate others, often because they think they are better than the rest, i.e. people from other religions, LGBTs while they also condemn equality between men and women and claim men are suppressed. Of course, Muslim terrorists are to blame for growing anti-Muslim sentiment, but also extreme right who always blamed others, whether righteous or not. And thus, no, not a "thank you" to that person because now we must hope there will be not someone else who wants revenge.

But one good side-effect: politicians are saying that hate messages should be more severely punished; I think an educational message should be posted why the content is no longer available: because it spreads hate. Indeed, such a message should explain why the content is only partially available. Indeed, partially available because then people can read the content as well as the explanation why most of the content is not readable so people are educated that insulting others is not done. I agree, freedom of speech doesn't equal freedom to insult and hate. But, removing the videos should not result in deletion of evidence.



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