(12u) More intense upwards airflows in a warming planet

Indeed, a warning planet likely results in stronger upward airflows and maybe less rain as what falls evaporates or is taken upwards again by these airflows. The result may be larger hail stones when smaller ones are carried upwards again and again and increase in size and weight. Prophesies mention they may become as heavy as 50 kg. Indeed, we're told one day we're able to explain the science behind some prophecies.

Those prophecies also inform that we will continue, and certainly those in positions of power who know what they are doing, to worship what is dead such as gold, oil and gas, wood, in short continue to destroy our planet.
Clouds can be amazing

Still, they also inform we will change for the better, not only in relation to the environment but also with other people with growing powers of computing and AI that will ease our lives, help in science but also know what we do to stop criminals. That's why religious people want that evil happens as they hope they will live in a better world while they don't seem to understand they are the ones who cause the troubles and become hated as they refuse to accept science, including doctors who can prevent and cure illnesses and climate scientists who invent clean energies and better recycling methods. Later, for a long time coming we will respect our planet and fellow humans.

I've written before already about what may happen due to climate change such as more earthquakes because the redistribution of the weight of billions of kilos of the melting ice whereby certain parts become lighter (where the ice melts) while elsewhere (oceans and seas) there is more water and thus more weight that presses on the seafloors. I also wrote a commentary after Pope Francis I wrote about climate change. And again and again you have to include people who know climate change is happening but refer to a God who is angry because people demand human rights and equality for everyone while they think that those (themselves) who condemn LGBT's, women rights, hate people from other religions and enrich themselves are the righteous ones; how wrong they may be.

Unfortunately, I don't think it will take another 30 or 40 years because by then humans will have destroyed everything. And thus, as threshold after threshold is reached, it's likely climate change speeds up as one fasten the event of something else.


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