(17g) Celebrated violence will result in violence

Violence in games, films and music

So true I think, when President Trump claims that violent video games but I also include extremely violent movies and music that worship violence are partly to blame for gun violence in the USA's society, together with gun ownership. More generally, they promote alpha male behaviour, also by women. When violence (and sexual exploitation) earns you points and money while actors who play in violent movies are worshipped as heroes and this is now even available to always younger people than violent solutions to problems can be expected. When people and certainly children from an early age onwards get used to violence than they may use it one day, certainly when you have movies in which "the good guys and girls kill the bad guys and girls" and when politicians repeat the slogan of the National Rifle Association (NRA) that a good person such as teachers carry guns to kill the bad persons with guns. But how to know when someone is a good or bad person unless they behave badly as they can be among others white supremacists who kill those they think are bad people? And thus police officers become scarred and sometimes open fire because people make the wrong movement. For comparison, terrorist groups also indoctrinate children to become evil by growing them up in a culture of violence. But, because President Trump says so for many it must be wrong.

Often these games and videos also celebrates hurting and attacking people who are different such as people with a different skin-colour who are considered as foreigners with a different culture. Violence that happens in a society can be shown to educate people why it's wrong, to show the result of violence, i.e. people suffer such as in Syria, Libya and elsewhere, and not to celebrate violence although certain social scientists continue to deny this link between violent games and movies and the effect it may have on children and even adults so the celebrated violence can continue to be shown to people of all ages. But, how can children think about killing others when they never saw violence unless they are fed up with being bullied or they are born as psychopaths who need treatment? We know: children who watched a movie with much violence will afterwards often play as they saw in that movie.

In contrast, games can be developed that are full with actions but to help people and more general the world so they learn that being good can be fun. For insurance, games in which survivors of a helicopter crash are rescued or save animals by finding the right food after a forest fire destroyed their habitat. These can also stimulate children to think so they find solutions for problems. It's the same with movies about nature in which mainly the beauty of nature is shown although sometimes its dark side while movies in which hunters celebrate they killed another animal or even when too much violence between animals is shown may result in children without respect for animals as animals exist to die.

Responsibility of politicians 

But also politicians have a very large responsibility and should not blame whole populations for the crimes of a few. Blame migrants and never stop repeating that walls should be built to keep people out and expect troubles.
On the other hand, when the group of people with a different background and view on society such as on women and LGBTs become too large than troubles can be expected. But, often those who condemn other groups are also those who have less respect for women and LGBTs. To prevent that too many migrants want to go to what they consider as promised lands and a resulting migrant crisis, companies should be paid people well; however, the biggest racists, i.e. companies that outsource jobs to low paid countries so they don't need to pay people decent wages, are to blame.

Finally, also the number of weapons should go down as I wrote before so there will be a reduction in deliberate but also accidental shootings. Indeed, without guns people can't kill others by guns. And thus politicians should agree on legislation to limit gun ownership. Although former President Obama now says that politicians should take responsibility to have stricter gun laws, he was attacked for saying so during his time in office while earlier President Trump revoked Obama's gun checks for people with mental illnesses and thus stricter gun control seems only possible when the gun lobby and politicians are independent from each other as since decades politicians have been unable to change gun laws because their connections. That is also a reason why society should pay the campaign of candidates during elections (yes, democracy has a cost) although declared limited donations by the general public and not by companies should be possible as that will increase the involvement of the public in politics. In addition, the public should no longer vote for politicians who continue to support the current gun laws so politicians will have to change and accept much stricter gun laws or they lose their power. Indeed, democracy is interaction between the public, politicians and judges. Unfortunately, sufficiently large numbers of people continue to support the current laws, partly because many are afraid and want to defend themselves against bad people with guns. This fear needs to be taken serious so solutions can be found or these murders will continue to repeat themselves.


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