Unite to remain - Impossible?

the Guardian article that hopes British will unite behind Labour to stop Brexit. First, I think that will not heal society and second, I think the article doesn't do an effort to convince Brexiters it is better to stay inside the EU while instead it confirms the EU is bad.

Brexiters spread lies while remainers should not confirm them or the EU remains the bad one and a next referendum is again lost. Stop confirming stories such as the EU wants to starve the British from food and medicines or visas will be needed to visit the EU because the EU also needs trade with the UK; if these stories will be right it is stupid while the UK can still trade with America and others.
Start explaining the good of the EU such as workers rights and environmental protection while we know powerful eurosceptics hate the EU because the EU tries to protect ordinary people against powerful multinationals, investment bankers and their politicians who want more profits and this supported by a tabloid press instead of always confirming that the EU will hurt the UK so it is seen as the enemy and not as a friend. And yes, the EU needs further improvements such as open debates between lobbyists and the EU although it is already very open in its decisions and show examples such as a link to the European Medicine Agency although suggestions can be made how to further improve these websites to make it even more citizen friendly because openness is the key against conspiracy theories. Indeed, many people consider the EU Commission as part of powerful companies and the handling of the financial crisis or the appointment of Mr Juncker's successor didn't increase confidence as people see those responsible for the crisis are now even gaining more power. Further, people working at the EU should receive more normal wages to restore trust in them, including paying taxes instead of enforcing austerity on others, mainly on ordinary people. Finally, out will indeed costs more with less power when the UK wants to remain part of certain EU agencies such as on international criminality but it is unlikely to stop trade. Afterwards a new referendum can be organised that may be won but only when the British start to like the EU and not only to have power.

Organise too early a referendum and those who want to remain may still loose when Brexiters only hear the bad the EU may do to the UK.
And if they may win a referendum under a Labour (LibDem coalition) leader, many people may be happy to remain in the EU but others may decide that violence is the only way to get out. This Labour leader then may have to stop those who were ones its voters. End of Labour (LibDem). But, it will even be difficult to win from PM Johnson when he intends to invest in the NHS and police while these investments are condemned by the left although a main reason why many voted out is because they want more investments in their region and not mainly in London that has already everything. Indeed, the successors of New Labour should not have agreed that austerity is needed as that confirms New Labour overspend while that was needed after years of under investments by PM Thatcher's government. PM Blair's policies could have been defended but with corrections.
Another possibility is to offer the EU presidency to PM Johnson, I think he may accept but at a large cost for the EU. Indeed, he may try to implement a neoliberalism throughout the EU although the EU parliament may try to block this; indeed, the three powers that control each other.

I fear only violence may be able to end this crisis as both sides don't want to compromise and in the end both confirm the EU is bad; is this because they express their own feelings of how they would handle such a crisis? I understand the anger of the Remainers; therefore in future people should know that the outcome of such a referendum is final and thus people must vote instead of thinking logic will win. Now only an angry and aggressive society remains. Stop the Brexit and the Brexiters will believe they were right: Europe doesn't listen to ordinary people.


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