Ban on face-covering clothing is normal

As in other European countries, in the Netherlands a Partial Ban on Face-Covering Clothing Act came into effect. It is also known as "burqa ban" while for me this should simply be a ban on hiding your face, whether Muslim, Christian, or any other person.

Of course, what could be expected by extremists is they want to ignore this as they want to exclude themselves from society and thus further anger the population that is already angry after terrorist attacks such as in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, London but mainly in Muslim countries. But some women continue to wear them because they fear men who want to show their dominance and thus may beat them when they show their face in public while the burqa may even hide the scars already on their face. Indeed, the burqa is intended to oppress women. And while Amnesty International and lefties defend the right of women to wear a burqa in the West, they demand other countries halt this because they know it oppresses women. Instead of defending this right, they should explain to these women and their husbands that times changed as the have been terrorist attacks by Muslims and thus today people are afraid and therefore everyone must show their face; if they refuse to explain this than they are equally guilty to the rise of extreme right. Thus, as some may refuse to stop wearing a burqa and police seems unwilling to enforce this law (as they may fear retaliation), a newspaper is telling people to make citizen's arrests whereby we can expect troubles so police will be forced to act, maybe by arresting those who try to arrests the woman in burqa so they can be used as victims of policemen and lefties who defend the wrong side. Each time the same. And yes, violence by non Muslims starts to increase and probably will further increase when people no longer accept we must accept we return to middle ages when religions ruled and suppressed persons.

No masks allowed for safety reasons

Still, it should be a law not focused on what Muslim women wear but to stop anyone from wearing face-covering clothing unless for medical reasons such as a bandage or to prevent that police and army persons can be recognised during certain actions to prevent retaliation by criminals. Indeed, it isn't normal that people don't show their face, whether Muslim women or demonstrators or criminals or any other person. Target a group of people inside society and they become angry while general laws and well explained is more likely to be accepted by most people.

In contrast, I'm not against headscarves as they can be very beautiful, as long as the face is not covered. Otherwise also nuns should no longer be allowed to wear their headscarves. And, when women can't cover their hair, what about hats and caps, mainly used by boys and men? Indeed, equality for everyone. And thus some say we can't wear religious symbols such as headscarves or crosses while most people who wear them do this for beauty reasons and not for religion.


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