Since about two years I am (mostly) vegetarian. Normally, I eat only vegetables together with eggs and cheese, so I am not completely against animal food. Cheese, milk and egg products are from animals but one does not have to kill an animal to eat it. I know, to have these products animals might suffer as they are not free. But then, even plants have to be killed to be eaten and I am sure, the plants don't like that too. Mostly, the only reason why I eat meat is not to offend a person who invited me for a dinner and did his best to prepare the food.

Below some examples of food I have recently eaten. The first one with recipient. I used mushrooms, spring onions, aubergine and red and (from my own plant) yellow peppers. When cooking vegetarian, I always try to use lots of colours so it looks nice and taste good. Only green is boring, even for the taste. These were fried together in a home-made olive oil. Then I added broccoli that I had cooked before and, of course I use different herbs (pepper, basil, garlic). In the end, I mixed everything with pasta. I added some red pesta on the pasta to have that extra taste, although I think it might have been better when I only added a little of my home-made olive oil. Bonne appetit.


The final result: pasta with broccoli, spring onions, auberge and peppers.

Home-made olive oil: olive oil plus lots of garlic and hot red peppers. Finally some herbs such as basil, pepper and also a little salt.

Of course, I eat all different things. Another time I prepared a salad. Again I used some of my own yellow peppers. By the way, the problem in Belgiumfor vegetarians is that it is difficult to find vegetarian food. Of course, one can eat each time raw vegetables in Belgian restaurants (at least €9.00). That can be nice, but people who eat meat have for the same price a nice warm meal. And when you only eat salades, you will feel bad after a while (a good excuse to tell the Belgians being vegetarian is bad for the health).
Salade with greek cheese, onions, augurk, tomato, peppers.

My own home-grown peppers.

Quiche, salad and a glass of wine.
Finally, I don't eat only at home but sometimes also in restaurants. Recently I was in Bruges, and there I had a nice quiche. It was also well presented. Other times I go to my local Maroccan restaurant to eat a couscous with a vegetarian dish. Delicious! When I was still in London, I had ones a vegetarian Sunday Roast. The meat was replaced with a nut steak. I loved it.

And as you can see in two of the photographs, a nice glass of wine, whether red, rosé or white is the finishing touch. Beer lovers can think for themself which beer is best for a certain meal.


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