Gay watch

Yesterday, I went to a gay pool party in Oceade in Brussels. It is a large swimming complex with waves, slides and outdoor pools. The picture above is not how the complex looks like, it is only my entrance ticket, with a beach feeling on it. Upon arrival I got another ticket for my locker as shown below.

The music was great and many, beautiful people where there, most of them male. Most of them were white but there was a conciderable number of black people and a small proportion of orientals. All were in their most flashy swimming trunks.

I had lots of fun, swimming in the many pools, including the one with waves. I also went down the slides, swom outside (nice warm water and a beautiful view of the Atomium) and I used the jacuzzi and sauna.

I also met a person from the Netherlands, Herman, with whom I danced a little. Other moments I danced on my own.

As I now live in Brussels, a small city compared with London, you see often the same face. And there he was again, a beautiful black man. And hot. I think he likes me a little as he always seems to look at me. He was also making some erotic movements. But he comes and he goes the whole time so I am not sure about this. And as he speaks french, a language I still have to improve, I haven't spoken him (yet).

After the party, I had to walk home (this is also differently from London: in Brussels the public transport stops working in contrast to London where there are night busses). But while walking home I met two other guys who were at that party and we walked home together so that time moved fast. They were from the UK (London and Ireland) and one of them now works for the EU. After about 1.5 hours walking, I finally was home. They had to go further (I guess another hour if they didn't find a taxi).

In summary, it was a lovely night after an exhausting week and I certainly hope to go again the next time.


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