A single man

Last week, I saw the film 'A single man'. It is a beautiful film ... until the end.

The film starts with the main person drawning, so you know that the film will be a little depressing. Then the film tells why he is drawning (in fact he wasn't, he is only dreaming and you understand during the course of the movies why he feels so bad). His lover of many years died in a car accident, and the main person finds it difficult to adjust to life without him. He meets many people and in the end, he wants to life again.

And then, he dies. Who invented such an end? Gays have to die, or become crazy but certainly, it cannot go well. I felt emotional untill almost the end, and then he died. It was one of the worst ends of a movie I have ever seen, I even got an headache when I left, such was the difference with what we expected. I only can say, gays are a jealous lot of people who don't want the best for their partner, even not after they are dead. To understand this, you have to see the movie, but no, the old boyfriend didn't want to give any positive to his old friend. Why does it always have to end so negatively?


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