Out in arabia (in Brussels)

Yesterday evening I went out in Brussels. First I met up with Billy in La Reserve as we promised each other in the afternoon to go out together. After two drinks, we wanted to discover some other places so we left. We went to Homo Erectus, but after one drink we preferred to go somewhere else.

We pasted the Rainbowhouse in Brussels. This is a place I never know what goes on: often it is not open or something happens I have no interest in. But yesterday night, the doors were open, we could hear music and it seems there was lots of happy faces and moving bodies. We decided to go inside and noticed it was the Arabian night. This night is ones a month and often I don't know when it goes on. But now I know how good the atmosphere is I will try to find out the date for the next party as it was real fun.

I find it very courageous of these people from middle eastern origin to dance in the centre of Brussels where there is still quite some hospitality from a certain population of people towards gays and certainly gays from muslim origin. But here many people were dancing to arabian music (don't ask me the correct name of this kind of music as I don't know, and I also noticed a variety of different kinds of this type of music). Sometimes there was a guy dancing as a belly dancer wearing only a kind of (very short) kilt with glitter as you can see in films with belly dancers. He was very good shaking his ass. But many guys could dance well and move their waist at a very fast spead. It was lovely seeing them moving in this way. Other people were enjoying a drink and their friends.

The only moment I didn't like was when an arabian guy defended his boyfriend against another arabian guy who smiled to his boyfriend. Why do these men always have to be so possessive? Do they thrust themselves so little that they think the others are not to be thrusted? Even when the other guy tried to leave, the other one followed but in the end all settled.

I danced the whole time I was in this place while Billy didn't like the music very much (one has to get used to this type of music as it is very different from the better known Western music) although he still stayed for quite a while looking to all those people dancing.

I had some attention from a few guys but because I still have a cold and I was very tired I decided to go home on my own so I would not have to do a workout that night and I would be able to sleep (a decision a regretted a little on my way home, but now I think I made a right decision as I feel better). So, no spicy stories to end this article.


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