Assault in gay bar in Brussels

This week, there was an assult by two men in a gay bar in Brussels.

As I feared might happen more in future happened this week on a small scale in Brussels: two men entered the gay bar "Le Fontainas" in Brussels and started to insult the people. One barman defended the customers in the bar although a little too heavy: he used a knive and wounded one of the guys.

There are now two possible directions:
  1. these two men will understand they can't insult people because they are differently and they will stop insulting people in future;
  2. or these two men will become even more agressive towards gay people who they find are indeed agressive and next time they might invite more friends to insult (or even damage) gay(-friendly) people as they might show no mercy and no forgiveness.
The revolutions in the Middle East might worsen the problem: many people try to escape the violence in their country and come to Europe. And instead of being greatful for being allowed into Europe to escape the violence in their own country (and many gay people support these people and support the demands for more democracy in their country), these refugees might attack our (in their eyes disgusting) society with openly gay people and prostitutes. They might think that the attack is the best way to defend their god.

Not only that, if our new prime minister Elio Di Rupo might take decisions to fire e.g. civil servants to save money and as a result straight people may loose their job while some gay people may keep their job (because some of the gay people do the work better than some straight people or no other people know how to do their job), some straight people may start to show their hatred towards the PM and thus towards all gay people as they lost their job and can't feed their children anymore.

I would say: be careful in future as a gay person (or a straight person who behaves in an unconventional way). But in the end, gay (and other human) rights can't be reversed ones people know what liberty means. These human rights can only temporarily slowdown but in the end they will prevail because people no longer want to loose their friends.

I ones read an explanation in a newsjournal after the referendum in California (of all places) whereby people rejected gay marriage: the problem are the older people. We only have to wait until these older people die to have a natural progression towards equal laws for all human beings. But I still find it difficult that people in California who were on the frontrow of equal human rights voted against the right to marry for all people. Watch the series or read the books "Tales of a city" and "More tales of a city" and everyone would like to move to San-Francisco.


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