Fallen angel, also known as the devil or antichrist

Over the past three years I read some blogs written by fundamentalist Christian (and other religious) groups. Many of these people are angry and they hope the worst possible will happen in the world. One of the reasons they deny climate change is because they are hoping the prophecies described in the Bible will happen. This will allow them to claim they really believe in God and so the chosen person might choose them to rule together with him (how wrong they might be). Religious fanatics even try to force the predicted events to happen (e.g. burning Holy Books of other religions or worse, killing their people), even when He says He wants to set the date (what means He can change the date if we behave well). Thus, fundamentalists disobey God.
In this article I want to demonstrate how wrong these fundamentalists are, but as they are fundamentalists, they will not listen to reason. They might become angry while reading this article because they want to show God how much they only love God, and that they will never bow for humans. Even when God might send a person to rule them, if fundamentalists don't like the person they will claim that God choose the wrong person and they will do everything possible that that person will fail (e.g. Tea Party christian fundamentalists use every possible opportunity to oppose their President Barack Obama to gain the power for themselves). As a result they deny the will of their master (God), the one who (according to religious people) might punish them for their disobedience to bow for the person God has send them.

In my previous post I spoke about St-Paul's Cathedral and how the church started to chose the side of the big money. Great was my surprise when the Dean decided to sacrifice himself by stepping down, allowing the Anglican Church to talk with the protesters instead of searching the confrontation. Lets hope both sides will see this as an opportunity to find a solution (e.g. set a date until when the demonstrators can stay). Lets hope the sacrifice was real and not because the Church knows the City or the government are making preparations to remove the protestors (allowing the Church to wash its hands in water claiming to be the one who tried to negotiate). For sure, PM David Cameron prefers protesters marching in the streets, as long as there are no tents (that is of course, until they start marching then he prefers them not to protest).

Religions all over the world can be a force for good but equally for evil. In America and many other parts of the world, all kinds of religious fundamentalist are talking and writing about the prophecy of the "End of the World" and that God told us we will know when the time will come, although He didn't give the precise date (probably because when we behave well He can change the date as there is no need for punishment). Religious fundamentalists are saying the time has come because many things (earthquakes, floodings, draughts, ...) predicted in Holy Books (of course there own Holy Book is the most holy one) are happening now. And indeed, many things are happening as we all know. But why do we know? Is it because we all read the Holy Books? Or maybe because scientists are predicting those things might happen? Scientists predict many bad things will happen due to climate change: they predict wars due to famine due to draughts or floodings while other things might happen due to cyclical events (such as El Nino). I even think that the earth itself will become very unstable because at many places in the world ice is melting (therefore removing weight from the land) thus more water in the oceans (more weight at the ocean floor). This might trigger earthquakes (this happened in the past when ice, formed during a certain ice age, pressed the land downwards at the North Pole causing it to rise elsewhere such as in Europe forming mountains). However, there is one big difference between religious fundamentalists and scientists: scientists urge us to change our behaviour to prevent these things from happening while fundamentalists deny climate change is because of human activity (as God told in the Revelations that we will not change our behaviour) because they want it to happen (they hope to survive the worst moments in the hope they will be chosen to rule with the future leader). The idiots. Or the Devils, only thinking about their own salvation. (One reason why they try to start the next big war against other religions is because it is predicted that the one who starts the war will also end it. My prediction is that the one who starts the war is defending someone against those fundamentalists and the fundamentalists will start killing in the name of God, first all religions together against their common enemy (women and gay people) and ones their enemy is death, they might start fighting against each other).

The Devil, also known as the Fallen Angel. What does this metaphore mean according to me?

An Angel is someone nice. They accept themselves as they are born, they act according to what they believe is best for them and they do not live a lie. Often they are happy with themselves although life can threat them badly as other people often bully people who are considered different. In rare events, the bullied person takes revenge and shoot the bullies (then the bullied person becomes the bad one), while other times the bullied person sacrifies himself by committing suicide (and then the bully becomes the bad person). Mostly they leave their birthplace as soon as they are adult to live somewhere else the life they want to live. In all cases society failed to stop the bullying. Angels allow people to live their own life as long as the others will not force others to live a lie. This does not mean Angels are everyones friends but they respect other people for what they are as long as the other people respect them..

The Fallen Angel is the opposite of a nice person. These people don't feel comfortable in their own skin, they are unhappy with themselves, often they are jealous with other people's life. Quite often they invent their own history to deny their own past. They live a lie, just as the main character in the film "The Talented Mr Ripley" whereby the person wanted to be accepted by the rich, therefore he denied this own past and sexuality and invented his own history; he even started killing people to prevent his past to be known. (This doesn't mean you can't try to improve your life).

Lets kiss, not fight.
I will explain the above with an example. All around the world, people start to accept openly gay people because they notice he is often a happy person who feels comfortable and who is often jovial, friendly and good humoured. As a result gay people have often many friends and especially many women like these open-minded gay guys as they can (finally) talk with a guy about common interests such as men, clothes, ...(although some women become frustrated because after a while they want more from the gay guy). Many women like gay guys because they dress well, smell good, ... and often will defend the women. As a result, women start to defend there gay friends who they often concider as their best friends and sometimes these women threaten to leave their boyfriends if these guys don't want to accept their gay friends. As a result, straight guys were forced to meet their girlfriend's gay friends and be polite. (Other straight guys discovered their best schoolfriend is gay and the chose to remain friends although some stop their friendship). Many straight men discover gay guys are not threatening and can be good friends. Fathers and mothers have to accept their gay sons and daughters if they don't want to loose their child. As a result, many straight people start to change: they start to accept gay people and they even start to take over some habits of gay guys such as dressing well and using parfum. Now most guys find it normal to look and smell good (even when they do not realise they took that from gay guys).

After St-Sebastian discovered Jesus, he denied
his sexuality.
Some people however will never accept gay people. Mostly these are religious people as they think gay people are evil. Often gay people can't accept themselves and they try to act straight. They will marry and do everything that is in their power to proof they are straight. They will be the biggest enemy of the other gay people because they feel threatened by the openly gay people. The one who does not accept himself is afraid the gay guy might recognise he is gay (although deep inside often he fantasises the popular open gay person will become his friend). Therefore, he will try to ignore the openly gay person, often making bad comments about the other and in the worst case try to distroy him. This guy is the fallen angel, the angel who does not accept he is an angel and therefore he behaves bad. Instead of being nice, he is a horrible person, not only to other gay people, but also to other people because he always wants to proof he is not gay. How many politicians around the globe were not the strongest opponents of gay rights until others discovered those politicians are gay? And very often these people are very religious to show God there is no need to be thrown in the fire.

Many christians are afraid to like gay people because they always heard the devil is gay even when they know most evil people hated gay people because they think gay people are weak. Why would the devil kill his own kind ... unless he wants to hide his own identity? A good example is Hitler who ordered the arrest and killing of many people, including gay people. Before Hitler became Fuhrer, one of his best friends, Ernst Julius Röhm, was not only head of the SA but also gay (indeed, openly gay people can be bad persons if that means they can climb the career ladder). However, in order to get the support of the army, (Hitler preferred power above friends) he commanded the killing of his friend Röhm during the "Night of the Long Knives". Some people suggest Hitler was gay, but he certainly didn't want anyone to know about this. He was certainly also cruel towards women (one girlfriend committed suicide before he came into power). Some people claim Hitler was jewish, again he certainly didn't like to be called one. He claimed Arian people had blond hair and blue eyes, again something he wanted but wasn't. Hitler was a Fallen Angel, always trying to be someone else than the man he was.

Sometimes I wonder whether Osama bin Laden was gay. Ok, he was married with a few wifes and he had a number of children. But he ordered women to cover themselves while he surrounded himself often with men. Maybe he wanted to proof to God he wasn't gay, therefore killing innocent people in what he claimed were sinful cities with many gay people and women with a free will.

One article I read on a blog mentioned we are going from a period of a male universe to a male/female universe and the male universe doesn't want to loose its power. Indeed, many men find it threatening that women become even or more powerful than men and they try to stop the progress of these women. Equally, these men don't like men who dare to show their feminine side as they believe those men are weak. In the end, these alpha men will lose the battle, but in the meanwhile many innocent people are killed (e.g. in many countries men rape and kill women to control the others mind). Many religions don't like the idea of equality between men and women (e.g. the Vatican (and other christian churches) oppose female priests) while there are exceptions: the Anglican Church is a good example of how the church should be because they allow female (and even gay) priests. However, since a few years conservative clergy within the Anglican Church are fighting against more rights for women and gays in the church. These Anglicans are threatening to leave the Anglican Church and join the "Mother Church" (the Roman Catholic Church) if women and gay men are allowed to become bishops and thus become equal to men. The Anglican Church is now hesitating as they fear many priests might join the Catholic Church (the enemy). But the Head of the Anglican Church should realise that many people left the Church because of the Church's opposition to women and gay people. Many people didn't accept any longer that people spoke badly about their friends. My advice for the Anglican Church: choose the side of people, let the conservative members join the Roman Catholic Church and many people might return to the Anglican Church while more people will leave the Catholic Church. And by doing so, they do what Jesus taught them to do: choose the side of the people.

In case a religious war might start as so many evil people would like to see happening, then (as predicted hundreds of years ago) many people will follow the antichrist. The antichrist will claim that gays, prostituees, and many more will have to be judged as he will claim they do not live according to the teachings of Jesus (e.g. Anne Rice, author of "Interview with the Vampier", left christianity saying she couldn't stay with such an evil group). These christians are afraid of following the antichrist, but by being very afraid for their own judgement, they do not understand that they are preparing his rule. In the Revelations, God says that, although He doesn't like the prostituee, He doesn't like those who kill her. Guess who kill her? Indeed, the religious fanatics, who claim to live as God demands them to do, killed prostituees throughout history. However, by killing the prostituees, they are sinning against Gods command: You shall not kill and they ignore Jesus' wisdom: those who have no sins can thrown the first stone. At least in those days the religious fanatics didn't threw the stone, but nowadays they might do. And by throwing the stone that person will commit a sin against Gods command: You shall not kill. (Although sometimes one has to kill a bad person to prevent him/her hurting other people).

Finally, I think Jesus was gay (or maybe bisexual as He loved all of us). If you read the Gospel of John, you will notice on a few occasions John writes about the disciple whom Jesus loved most. E.g. you can read the following while Jesus is on the cross (John, 19, 26-27): "Jesus saw his mother and the disciple he loved standing there; so he said to his mother: "He is your son". Then he said to the disciple: "She is your mother". From that time the disciple took her to live in his home." So the disciple is a man. When does a stranger becomes the son of your mother? Is that not through marriage? Therefore, is this the first recorded gay marriage, proving Jesus was gay? Of course, I cannot be sure and no-one has to agree with me, but sometimes I think he might be. Others claim Jesus married Mary Magdalene and they had a bloodline (e.g. read the da Vinci Code). Even then, if Jesus was indeed married to a prostituee, religious people should not kill women who have the same job as Jesus wife. But then again, many gay people are friends with prostitutees especially in countries that suppress women and ... gay people. Of course, the Roman Catholic Church will claim that Jesus did not love one person, he loved everyone (polygamie?). All fine for me, pick whatever you like most. Or have your own idea. But I am sure fundamentalists will not be happy with any other conclusion than their own. And instead of thinking about it they might want to kill (as they always do when people speak differently then them). They think they have to defend God (and His Son). They will not realise that the Kingdom of Jesus will be a kingdom where people can live as they want to live (although obeying rules not to misbehave towards other people (more on this later)). And will Jesus ever return? I believe we all return again and again to live a better life than during our previous life as we should learn from the mistakes we made in our previous life. God gives us a period to improve our life each time we return. But one day, I believe, God will punish those who do not want to learn from their past mistakes and He will burn them. From that moment onwards we will live in a happy world.

If God would proof He exists, what will I do? Will I do the easy thing and call for the killing of all evil (gays, prostituees, ...) and maybe rule the world for a while as people will think I am the chosen one? Or will I have the courage to defend the prosecuted and thus obey the will of God until people will see clear again? I hope my evil side will not take over.


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