Yesterday, Saturday July 9 I saw XYZ back after a very long time. We met in Earl's Court where she lived before. We first went to the Troubadour for a cappuccino (me) and tea (XYZ) and we also ordered an ice cream with caramel taste. After finishing our first drink we ordered another tea (XYZ) and a coca-cola (me). Finally we had our diner: we shared our starter: a bruchetta with goat cheese and spinach, then I took a gnocchi that had a very dominant, and for me bad taste so I did not enjoy it and I even didn't finish it as I normally would do while XYZ took a pie with mashed potatoes.

XYZ and me in the Troubadour, a nice bar / restaurant.
In the meanwhile we spoke about a number of things, and especially about the kids in school. As usually I complained about some kids but I always try to make it clear I also have wonderful children who want to learn. XYZ also complained about some problems at her school, although she said the problems at her school seemed to be less severe compared with those at KA Zaventem. She told her school makes sure that some kids are thrown out of school when they do not behave and that the other children know why those pupils are gone to prevent the others from doing the same mistakes.

After lunch, we went to a theatre. It was about a racist white family with a daughter who likes a black guy. It was funny but the ending was a little confusing. Nevertheless, I enjoyed most of the play. I was very impressed with the father: a big fat guy although his wife was also very good. Also the black guy was not bad although I am not sure whether this is because he had a nice bum and front (especially in his police uniform).

Finally, as tradition demands it, we went to Ciao, an ice cream place near Leicester Square. In the tube on our way to Ciao we realised we knew each other already nine years and that she left London about seven years ago for her trip around the world. Upon her return to the UK and while I was still living in London, we met a few times whenever we could. We both ate our ice cream (I asked for the walnut ice cream). In the meanwhile, XYZ gave some suggestions regarding teaching such as using some competition in the class to stimulate the children (and win a small price) and games to let them learn how to use science.

Mine (foreground) and XYZ's ice cream)
After finishing our ice and talks, I brought XYZ to the tube station where she had another one hour train journey to do before being home while I went straight home and after writing this piece I go straight to bed. This morning I have to wake up early as I have to meet Allan for breakfast.


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