Back in London

Since June 30, I am back in London. But not permanently, I am visiting the city and friends for 11 days. But still, I feel already so much better.

After arriving, I rushed to Gerard and Marc's place to leave my luggage there. Marc was still at work but it was great seeing Gerard back. We chatted a little but then I had to rush back to King's Cross St Pancras as I had to meet Kurt who arrived an hour after I did. And there was also Allan. It was lovely seeing him back after all that time. We went to a Chinese for dinner and to a bar for a beer. Then we all went our own ways: Kurt went to Allan's place and I went to Marc and Gerard's house. After arriving, I closed the front door, thereby locking Marc out. After opening the door, Marc and I briefly spoke with each other but then we went to bed as the next day would be busy and Marc was tired after a long days work.

The next morning I went to King's College London (KCL), my previous employer, to catch up with Lucia, my friend I know since 1994. She looked very well. After giving her the chocolates she asked for, we went for a cappuccino in Costa near KCL. Nearby I saw the Sharp towering above all other buildings and still rising. Then I had rush to the centre to buy shoes as I had to go to an expensive no-trainers lunch. I also bought a pink shirt and eyeliner for gay pride the next day. Kurt joined me buying the clothes. Afterwards, we rushed home to change clothes and we took a taxi to the restaurant at the Connaught  hotel in Mayfair. Still, we arrived about 30 min late.

The Sharp building.


In the restaurant Gerard and Marc were waiting, but I also saw Andrew and Adam back. It was lovely: nice food and good hosts. After the meal we went to the Aqua, a bar near Regent Street. It was on the top of the building were we had a lovely view over the city. We drunk quite some bottles of (expensive) champagne (£68.00 per bottle). Later two girls arrived and we continued chatting. Near the end of the day it started to cool down and a heater was brought to us. Finally we all left and Gerard, Marc and I went for a cheap meal at Tuk Tuk, as in the good old days, although the food was not as good as in those days. After arriving home, we went straight to bed. Again, I did not sleep that well.

Today I am going to gay pride. I hope it will be fun.


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