Visit to Belgium

Last weekend, I went to Sint-Truiden in Belgium to bring a visit to my parents. My sister Isabelle invited me for the re-opening of her restaurant. And as I already was thinking of going I decided I would.

I had to get up at 4am Thursday morning to catch the train of 6am. I took a minicap. The taxi driver started talking and we ended with speaking about the Roman empire during Julius Caesar. He didn't like the emperor. We arrived at the station, and the taxi driver gave me his mobile number so that I can call him to continue our conversation about the empire.

The journey was easy and without any problems; this was in contrast to that afternoon when there was a major fire in the tunnel, destroying one tunnel.

During the day, I visited Brussels and waited for a friend I would see that evening. I sold him my lens for his camera. It was a beautiful day: warm and very sunny, we need more of these days.

Arriving at Brussels, the first thing that can be seen is a tall building (first photo). I then walked around in Brussels, visiting a few churches of which many are very beautiful (e.g. second picture).Lot of churches have colourful walls and lots of paintings and scultures. Wall paintings are also present throughout the whole city (the station, on houses) as Brussels is known as the capital of cartoons. I also visited the High Court of Justice (where a man was working on some ones head). It was the largest building built in the 19th century. A whole region in Brussels was demolished to be able to build this Palace. All possible styles can be seen in it. Finally, I went to the Great Place (Grote Markt, Grand Place) with its beautiful buildings and Town Hall. The final photo shows a detail of the Town Hall. Then I finally met my friend.

On Saturday, I returned to Brussels to meet another friend. I sold him another lens. We also went for a walk in a forest although it was raining almost the whole time (it stopped when we finished our walk).

The first photo shows part of a park where there was a beautiful lake and an artificial water fall. Later we went to a shopping area near the Avenue Louisa. The second picture shows an upside-down picture of a fontain in the mall (seen in the mirror on the ceiling above the fontain). We then went to a restaurant (art nouveau interieur, very beautiful) where I took a photo of my friend Kurt. The final picture shows a modern sculpture on a crosspoint of the Avenue Louisa.

More photos can be seen went a google search in made for 'Flickr LPG' within a few days.

Tomorrow I will write about the other days in Belgium, when I was with my family.


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