Visit to Belgium, part 2

As mentioned in my previous e-mail, the other days of my visit to Belgium. Between the two days in Brussels, as usually on a Friday, I go with my mother to my hometown Sint-Truiden where we see some ants of my mother for coffee, and their usual talks about what happens in live. Later that day, we went to my sister Isabelle to have a look to the newlook of the restaurant. While the restaurant had light colours in the past, mainly yellow and also some green (a wallpainting of an Italian-style garden), that was now all gone and replaced with dark colours. I have to admit, the change was so big I was disappointed.

On Sunday, the official opening of the restaurant (This was also the reason why I went to Belgium). Now there were more things in the restaurant, such as flowers and decoration, and now, I have to admit, the restaurant was much better, there was again some colour. And colours changed the restaurant into a really nice place. Later, as we would expect, guests came along. First the parents of my sister and brother-in-law. I can show pictures as I was asked to be the photographer. My brother Steve was also there. A little after 4pm, that is just after opening, the first guests arrived. In the end there were, I guess, over 100 people. Some of the neighbours were present, some family members, some of the old staff, some of their friends and of course many of their clients. My parents, Steve and I left around 11:30pm, while the last person left at 3:30am. My sister did not see that person leaving, by that time she was already in bed. A few more pictures to have an idea of the atmosphere. Also the lights that were on turned the

Arne, the son of my sister and brother-in-law.

The parents of the owners, just before the first guests arrived, already drinking some of the champagne.

The first picture shows the chef, my brother-in-law, with some guests, the second one shows how guests were arriving, welcomed by my sister.


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