(2a) Old politicians may have to listen to inexperienced ones

I agree with the article, old politicians who had their time in office (thus not in the sense of age) should retreat from active politics or at least listen to what people, the current and upcoming generations want. Even former President Obama, a politician I liked, seems to have lost his way.
Too slow during his first two years as president when he had a majority in Congress as he tried to reach agreements with industrials and Republicans who opposed to be humiliated by a black man by agreeing on any reforms he suggested, even when he tried to involve them. And thus, he achieved little that is now reversed by the Republicans. He could have taken the opportunities the electorate gave him after his first election victory. Of course, he should have tried to reach agreement but he should quicker have accepted the opposite party didn't want any agreement with him. After 2 years he lost his majority.
He even found it difficult to condemn obvious violence against black people as he hoped (but failed) for approval of Republicans, mainly white men, of which many cold blooded supremacists.
And now it seems he lost his believe that change can (if the article is not fake news). Compare this with President Trump, whether you like his policies or not, he goes for what he believes and he achieves because he says he doesn't want to disappoint those who voted for him. That's what people wanted when they voted Mr Obama into power with his slogan "Yes, we can". He gave hope. Afterwards, we got President Trump.

Similar with Mrs Clinton who spoke in secret meetings with hedge fund managers and what I remember is that they would be allowed to fix the financial crisis, the crisis they were responsible for because of their selfish acts to enrich themselves even more, in which they succeeded. She used private emails for matters related with governments what is against the law. Therefore, a pity but many didn't trust her.

The result: many ordinary people lost confidence in established politicians although during the Democratic primaries many had a last glimpse of hope and voted for Bernie Sanders, despised by the Democratic party as he was considered too left.
And when he wasn't the Democratic nominee during the presidential elections, many people who voted for Mr Obama's during the previous two elections as they believed his slogan that change was possible, voted for Mrs Clinton while others either didn't vote or voted for the only person left to promise the jobless that he would defend jobs for Americans instead for Chinese and other places where workers are underpaid to maximise profits of a few; this man was Mr Trump. He won the presidential elections. The result, even old president Obama now seems to suggest that "Yes, we can" was not real as progress is by negotiating with those who don't want to negotiate.

And thus, the Democratic party seemed to have learned little and probably are angry that Mr Bernie Sanders will again join the Democratic primaries (while I think it illustrates the problems in the Democratic party when a now 77 year old person is the hope for many; indeed, people can work until high age but at his age he should consider to give opportunities to new people and advise them) while the party is also not amused that Mrs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the Democratic NY Congress election and so ousted an established Democrat.
My advice to the Democratic party members: go out and speak with ordinary people, also with people without or on low-paid jobs so you learn and you can find solutions. Further, study President Trump and tell yourself again "Yes, we can" and then do it when you have a majority although in a nicer way instead of wasting time negotiating the nonnegotiable so next time people will vote for someone who promises to achieve things, for the good or bad. No-one likes indecisive leaders who only negotiate. And if you fear that using your majority may result in more division, doing little or having too little time to implement the changes may result in the opponents winning elections as happened.

A better example is old PM Tony Blair who had new and fresh ideas that won him elections and, ones in power, he used his majority to change society for the better after PM Thatcher's years in power. But, as normal, he hardened over the years and is another example that he may speak but probably should not return into politics as he no longer believes in his original ideals or he would understand why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is not an extremist leader and may win, if there was no disastrous Brexit that messes with any logic.
Thus, the established politicians should stop saying that only those with experience know how to rule although can advise the inexperienced. If not, parties will start to fall apart as is happening, .


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