(10j) Abortion and the anti-science movement

Unfortunately but anti-science movements continue to try to install their agenda, not only in developing countries but everywhere. In the US, anti-abortion laws may again be introduced under the pretence of "pro-life". This change may be possible when sufficient numbers of politicians, even when they don't agree, vote in favour of these laws as the pro-life movements are often extremely wealthy persons who unite in powerful political-religious organisations such as the Tea Party and Scientology and finance the campaign of candidates on condition they are not independent but accept the organisations influence.

Reasons why abortion should be possible
Of course, few person will defend abortion as a method to control childbirth: those who don't want children should use contraceptives. Ironically, the pro-life movements are mostly also against contraceptives for ordinary people. But, I think and so do many, that abortion should be possible in certain cases such as:
  • when a woman has been raped and she doesn't want the child as it will remind the mother about her abuser(s);
  • when tests inform that the child will have a serious and potentially life shortening illness;
  • when the mother's life is in danger due to complications in the pregnancy;
  • when parents may not be able to feed their child, even in such circumstances (for instance, losing their work ruins them).

Reasons why pro-life often means the opposite
The self-proclaimed pro-lifers can hardly be called "pro-life" but instead are often selfish as they want to earn their own place in heaven at the expense of other people's happiness; reasons why modern people can't agree with them and often consider them mad:
  • they claim that seriously disabled children should not be aborted while many don't want to pay taxes for good social services to support these children and their families after the children are born;
  • they are pro-gun while they understand that guns kill and more guns means a bigger chance some people will use them;
  • many are racists for no reasons and consider others as inferior while many of what they think are part of their own group think they're not very clever to say it mildly;
  • they claim climate science is a "hoax" but oppose basic human rights for everyone such as equal rights for LGBTs or coloured people or even women and claim God will punish humanity because we gave human rights to the oppressed; the punishment will be ... terrible weather, i.e. climate change and its consequences;
  • the most powerful don't mind to send young people to war, not to liberate people from dictators but to impose their own ideology in other countries, even when this means to keep dictators in power. The worse are those who do this to increase their own wealth.
  • ...

In summary, they call themselves pro-life but seem to support misery and even death more than a good life for everyone. They even deny equality between their own children such as their daughters as they don't mind that men earn more than women for the same work, unless those men are from lower backgrounds than their daughters. Unfortunately, they are so wealthy that they can buy themselves into power, even in democracies.
For this reason and to keep societies healthy, people should never again become too wealthy as that undermines democracy and result in an increased unhealthy polarisation of societies.


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