Anti-Semitism in Europe? It still exist.

Unbelievable in our modern times. Indeed, to paint swastikas on Jewish graves visualizes real antisemitism. This is different from opposing Israel's policies whereby for instance the current PM Netanyahu suggests a slightly less radical extreme right Jewish party to fuse with a more extreme one so they can have sufficient votes to be elected for parliament and with the promise they will receive two ministers in Israel's next government. And thus each may bow for the other to remain/gain power and rule the land. One of these parties is so extreme they want the removal of any Palestinian from Israel and install a Jewish theocracy while the Palestinians may be the Jews who didn't leave their land after the Jews were defeated by Emperor Hadrian and later converted to Islam as earlier some Jews converted to Christianity. Indeed, each society has its extreme right and who consider themselves as √úbermenschen. And as it seems it is prophesied that Israel will one day become Jewish only, of course Palestinians fear and fight back and so they become the bad ones. But remember, PM Netanyahu and his broken promises and policies tired even moderate Presidents Obama (US) and Sarkozy (France).

Especially the Jews should know what it is to be hated and what it means to be driven from their land and later to near extinction. Indeed, they should be the example for the rest of the world. But when land and rebuilding a temple are idols than people are prepared to kill and even to die for these gods.

Nie wieder
And thus, although you can oppose the policies of the Jews towards the original inhabitants of modern day Israel, painting swastikas is different because it means people agree with Hitler's policies to kill people who probably didn't hurt those who painted these symbols. Then it is hatred towards people they may not even know as persons and no longer against policies as death people can't be blamed for Israel's policies. And thus, those who did this should be found and trialled and people rightly protests against these anti-Semitic crimes.

But don't be mistaken, ones the Palestinians are gone, attention from extremist Jews will be directed to others they don't like, even against their own people when the extremists consider them to moderate as already happened. As a reaction against the anti-Semitism, President Macron seems to equal antisemitism with antizionism. But this is not although, because of Europe's terrible recent past of genocide of the Jews, it is difficult to react currently. Still, it is possible to be a Zionist but also a anti-Semite because Zionism is a policy of exclusion of people who are different from their own group and to conquer what they consider is the holy land. Indeed, many websites of far right religious Christian groups describe why they support Israel's policies towards the Palestinians: it is their ultimate goal to rule that land themselves. I'm always surprised intelligence agencies allow these publications. Although I don't know whether they are anti-Semitic, I think about US President Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and others will follow, who are all supportive of Israel's policies even when those policies are unfair whereby they show their support by moving their country's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an extra step the Palestinians fear as it bring them closer to their removal from Israel/Palestine and towards an ethnic pure Jewish state. But remember history, Jews start to fight with each other each time their land is racially pure and a temple is built, and already there are moments that tensions rise. And thus, at this moment we're probably further away from a two-state solution than at any moment since the current Israel was founded. Can we do anything? Europe's position is difficult after the genocide it committed against the Jews as a people. Still, probably little can be done because extremists never listen to advice from others, even not if warnings come from their own God.

Indeed, although Moses is considered as one of the most important prophets by Jews, they should not forget that, even when he asked his own God not to kill his own people who were just liberated from slavery in Egypt (Exodus, 32.11-13), he himself became so angry that he ordered that thousands of Jews were killed (Exodus, 31.26-29), probably not only because they built a golden calf but because I think they were celebrating their old fertility God who very likely demanded the sacrifice of the firstborn child, something forbidden by the Jews' God when He stopped Abraham from killing his own son. God also made laws that stated that the firstborn child was God's child while the people were allowed to slaughter the firstborn lam for their God as they didn't understand a sacrifice is not needed (Exodus, 13,11-16). I remember to have read in "Hadrian's memories" by writer Marguerite Yourcenar that the great Emperor Hadrian said how some Jews still practised child offerings.  And now thousands of years later, ... . History. Indeed, today this seems too stupid for words that people fight and kill for land and a temple, still it happens with consequences throughout the world. And thus, because the impression of growing anti-Semitism, more Jews will be heading towards the place where they must be, their promised land so less space will remain available for their half brothers and half sisters, the Palestinians who will become even more desperate, so they can be driven away to create an ethnic clean Jewish land.


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