(13a) Europe and its not always friendly neighbours

Unfortunately but true what's written in this article. There are certain elements in society who want the failure of the EU. One of them is the religious right in America such as the Tea Party who think the EU is evil while they don't understand the evil in their own thinking. And these elements sicken society as they repeat again and again their own truth in their own media and social media. And indeed, the EU's reaction to save Greece after the financial sector targeted it was not a hopeful sign.

The EU, founded after a terrible war to unite people and prevent another catastrophe. And thus now it seems the EU is surrounded by countries which leaders don't like the EU very much such as
- Russia (Europe celebrated the collapse of the Soviet union but now fears its own collapse),
- Turkey (that is sick that the EU lectures it while refuses to honour its promise that it can join the EU),
- the US (many are tired that Europeans look down on them and their values while the US defeated the evil in Europe's society at a great cost in human lives and economic prosperity while the EU and European countries underinvest in their own defences and hope to rely on the US for its protection that it no longer guarantees so Europe starts to panic) and
- unfortunately also within the EU such as the extreme right who hate diversity.

In addition, the migration crisis plus still a weak eurozone plus increasing numbers of people who seem to find it more difficult to pay bills and thus come on the streets together with Brexit makes politics difficult today, both in the EU as a whole as in its individual members. And thus yes, I think the EU should discuss in public hearings to show openness how it wants to move forwards. Because Brexit is only one sign of our times.


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