Israeli writer and thinker Amos Oz

Israeli writer Amos Oz died. It seems he was an important Jewish writer who spoke and wrote about peace between Jews and Palestinians whereby he believed that, because the current troubles, the only solution is that they live next to each other in a two state solution. However, he was realistic enough to understand this would not be in his life as too much hate is building up although he believed this may happen between now and the next 50 years, even when he couldn't imagine how this hatred for each other can be resolved. As his own God prophesied, this peace is probably only possible after a major war that will bring shame on all and, unfortunately, will not only be between both groups in Israel but already results in increasing tension worldwide since countries will choose one or the other side.

Temples, Churches and Mosques. Throughout history worshiped by people as symbol of their God and often built by cruel rulers who want to leave a legacy so people forget their mad side.
Indeed, imagine the Israelis unite behind one leader who can convince other world leaders to move their embassy to Jerusalem and later to rebuild the Temple, that idol worshipped by many as a God. Its rebuilding is probably only possible after the destruction of the Dome of the Rock, that symbol of the other hated religion. Still, the Jews should be careful with whom they form allegiance because major figures from the Christian religions have their own agenda and await their own Messiah. If only Jews and Palestinians would recognise the peace is in their own hands and that they are fighting for an inheritance they claim is theirs as descendants from the same male father Abraham / Ibrahim but from different wives. However, as long as certain extremists from both religions don't recognise the other, fighting will continue and I understand the Palestinians who are driven away from their own land (as were the Jews in the 1930s but don't mention this comparison). And thus maybe, first a one ethically-pure Jewish state may be formed that probably will not bring peace but instead may cause even more troubles (such as locally when ultra-orthodox Jews may start fighting with moderate Jews about the correct interpretation of their religion) after which a two state solution may be acceptable. Later, both groups can start to appreciate each other so one day in the future, they may decide to combine both states into one if they wish.

Yes, many prophets shouted in the dark. At least, as an Israeli, Mr Oz couldn't be accused of being an anti-Semite for promoting peace via a two state solution while this is used against non-Jews who question Israel's policies. If both groups would recognise they are half-brothers and half-sisters who fight for their part of the heritage, it may be a start in recognising that each has the right to live in that land or at least should receive part of the land. They may even recognise each other as one of the lost tribes they are searching.

Because, it is likely that Palestinians are descendants from the Jews who were allowed to remain in Israel by the great Roman emperor Hadrian (although despise by the Jew because he drove the Jews out of Israel) but these Jews changed religion under Muslim occupation to stay alive. Even the first Christians were most likely Jews (and Romans) who followed a Jew who spoke about peace in a troubled time but for belonging to the wrong Jewish sect they were prosecuted by fellow Jews and Romans. Because these first Christians were prosecuted and told this to their descendants but also because certain sections of the Jews refused to integrate in the societies where they were living, throughout history there were moments when Christians attacked Jews while now hatred against Muslims increases and this since the attacks against New York's twin towers and more recently because of terrorist attacks throughout the world, both against non-Muslims and Muslims. Indeed, in search for the lost tribes but blind for the obvious.

In the end, anyone who serves their own agenda will not be accepted as they will be considered to follow the wrong preaching and/or to do wrong to others, just as king Herod the Great in Jesus time wasn't recognised as sufficient Jew for religious Jews, even when he enlarged the Temple, that idol of stones, and thus he had to fight to enforce his authority. In the end, when people will be fed-up with violence, extremists of whatever religion may be defeated at the place they are fighting for and thus in their Promised Land.

Of course, now I may be called an anti-Semitic as I don't repeat the story told for thousands of years and each time it seems it was wrong as God send punishes again and again.


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