(7c) Rules for companies

I agree with (although I didn't read the whole article):

The beauty of money
  • Staff and shareholders, and the latter include customers who can proof they buy regularly something, have a say in the salary of (top) earners at companies because when toppers play themselves too much than prices of goods and services must rise to compensate for wages and bonuses paid;
  • Giving away shares of companies should not be possible because people who buy shares are more careful that companies behave than those who get shares for free because selling given shares are always profits while people who receive such large numbers of share they would not be able to buy themselves will one day decide to cash in and sell them so potentially large numbers of shares may float markets and can even result in decrease in the value for everyone who bought their own shares but also for those who received only a few shares from the company where they work;
  • Employers, certainly at large companies, who decide not to pay employees at least the minimum wages should be penalised, not the company where those employers are employed as boss over others as they will only follow rules when not following them hurt while companies shouldn't come in difficulty when companies are penalised. Of course, starting businesses may find it difficult to pay what are today high minimum wages although, if prices normalize again then wages don't need to be as high as they are today. This may also result in cheaper goods and services so earning less will not hurt.

A fairer society is to the benefit of the whole society because no-one likes angry people, certainly not when too many are angry. But of course, many will not agree with this. Still, today many employers and certainly those at smaller companies are angry that employees have become too expensive while many employees are angry society became too expensive to live comfortable. Only rules can fix society because otherwise all of us can become tempted to pay ourselves too much.


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