(19a) Foreign Brexiters

I completely agree that people who live outside the country where they were born should not be able to interfere with decisions made in the country where they no longer live although during a short period such as a one election period (in general every 4 or 5 years) after they left they may still be able to vote as they still understand to some extend what's going on in the country where they no longer live. Because, as they don't live in the country they are unlikely to feel the consequences of the outcome of an election or referendum while the citizens may feel the result of the vote from people living elsewhere.

Local and foreign voters can be like water and fire on certain issues

Me for instance voted during Belgian elections while I was living in London (I understood I must vote as in Belgium papa government doesn't believe its citizens are intelligent enough to decide whether they should vote or not and thus people are forced to vote),even when I didn't know the candidates except a few not their programs. And thus the chance I would vote according the general viewpoint of the Belgians was unlikely as I didn't understand first hand how Belgians experienced their politicians and thus it was likely I would vote differently compared with people living in Belgium.

People who leave their country are often more interested in other things than the politics in their own country and thus should not be able to vote about what people want locally. Yes, the outcome of the referendum may have been different than it is today when foreign British may have voted but that may have been against a (very narrow) majority of the British.

Indeed, thrown out of the decision center of the EU whereby many seem to oppose a good deal and even a return and this may be very frustrating for those who voted remain. And now it seems that, when a deal may be reached between the UK and EU, the AmericanPresident seems to suggest it may hurt (future) trade deals between the UK and US. Indeed, some of those opposed to the EU will do everything to destroy it.


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