Isis and 'our' fighters

A brief history

Day after day and month after month, Isis is getting worse in it evil acts of killing people although it seems they are getting defeated at certain places. Indeed, they kill people, including women and children, by beheading or burning while the punishment for being gay is being thrown from buildings and then stoning if they are not yet death. And apart from what seems to be only a few attacks against Isis (that I will now call Daesh) by only a few countries, little is done to stop the progress of Daesh (out of fear to hurt Assad) while the inactivity results in more countries being sucked into the conflict (although doing more may have the same result). Indeed, after some US journalists were killed, the USA and some allies started to bomb Daesh, both in Iraq and Syria. I think the US first tries to locate their targets before striking and thus tries to limit killing innocent people while tries to maximise the killing of the enemy; the US even seems to support some opposition groups although I'm not sure to what extend. Daesh should be stopped so people no longer need to flee their home country and become refugee elsewhere. In addition, Daesh should be stopped before it becomes even bigger and surrounds Europe and even parts of Russia, the latter largely responsible for having prevented the chaos in Syria via its (continuing) support for president Assad when that man was gassing and bombing his people at the start of the conflict. And now even Russia is involved in what seems to be mainly defending president Assad by bombing opponents of Daesh that are, o coincidence, they are also opponents of Assad. Still, we should study Russia's offer for help before completely rejecting it although keeping Assad in power will not be a solution as he is responsible for many killed people.

Later, a captured Jordanian soldier was burned to death by Isis, showing the barbarity of Isis' members. As a result, Jordan wanted revenge and bombed what they believe was a place with Daesh fighters. But revenge is rarely a good guidance (although understandable) and didn't seem to result in many casuals at Daesh's side except that an innocent US aid worker who was kept prisoner by Isis was killed in the bombing.

And the longer Daesh is not destroyed, the more evil those people will do while its evil message will attract more evil people who think that killing others will gain them heaven. Indeed, not only some Syrians turn towards Daesh but also people in an area much further away such as Libya where 21 Egyptian copts (a Christian group) were beheaded and as a consequence, the Egyptian President Sissi took revenge by launching air strikes against Isis in Libya, allegedly killing 64 Daesh fighters; let us hope not many were innocent people. But it is understandable Egypt was so ferocious because they are now almost surrounded with Daesh fighters while also Italy is warning other European countries. And after France was attacked, France became even more determined to fight Daesh, and it seems starts to agree to accept help of Assad. Indeed, France already fought against Daesh and blames Assad for the war and this is different from many other Western politicians who start to believe that Russia was right and we should have united behind Assad.

Western Jihadists in Syria and Iraq

But also quite a number of Westerners decide to fight in Syria. At the start of the war, before Isis was really involved, I am sure a number of well-meaning (mainly) youngsters went to the war zone because they couldn't any longer accept the decision of the West not to interfere in a civil war where a president was killing his own people to remain in power. Indeed, these Westerners, many Muslims, saw how that Syrian president used chemical weapons and barrel bombs to kill rebels but equally ordinary civilians. Already more than 200,000 Syrians are killed and there are millions of refugees while large parts of the country are in ruins and the situation will probably worsen; still, many in the West don't seem to care while attacks by some mad people in western  countries further increase hate towards Muslims (but also against so-called lefties) in the Western world (although people may also decide they can no longer be a member of a(ny) religion when some members claim they have to kill innocent people while their god only watches and doesn't interfere) and thus it is even less likely that the West wants to help the refugees although agrees to bomb the country. Still, this was a reason why we should have helped the people in Syria and the wider region: to avoid many having to flee their own country in our directions and thus increase our own problems with a refugee crisis while our help may have given the people the courage to fight their president while now we may accept the help of the president so his people will stay in his country. Nevertheless, ones problems are imported in Europe, many rightwingers will not mind punishing (i.e. bombing) the countries where the refugees are coming from. But I also recognise that, because two main countries in the UN council defended Assad, little was possible until they too will one day know what it means to defend corrupt leaders.

Thus, while some fought Assad for humanitarian reasons, others join Daesh for much darker reasons as they hope they can gain status and receive praise from friends while rule the locals and even have plenty of free girls, all in the name of their religion. Many of these youngster don't feel accepted in their home country and are angry (such as recent attacks in France and Denmark illustrates) because they are too often marginalised by some in the West. Indeed, this article argues how people can drive other people to madness by showing little respect for others as throughout Europe certain extreme-right individuals have done for years by spreading poison in the hearts of those vulnerable to it. But equally, many who claim they don't receive respect from Westerners also show little respect to others and for instance anger teachers who give children a future so some of those teachers become racist. And ones nice people become angry they can become dangerous while those who made them angry are satisfied as their point is proven that people don't like people with another culture and so they can fight the others.
Still, we should educate people and certainly young people at schools that Isis is evil and that good people never agree to kill innocent people. We should continue to speak against those who spread hate and act by for instance employing people regardless of their faith although we should also acknowledge there are problems and explain religious people that religion is below human rules although can guide. However, not everyone will listen as some people always consider themselves as victims, whatever we do to help,  while others are simply evil people who have pleasure in hurting others.
On the other hand, some people may still go to Syria to fight against Daesh instead of joining them. Nevertheless, I consider that people who today still go to join Isis are bad guys and girls as the evil actions of Daesh are already sufficiently exposed by news agencies and by Daesh' own publications and thus those who join Isis today know about their its nature and thus agree with the evil Daesh preaches. Indeed, people can oppose Assad because he kills his own people but that doesn't justify support for Isis. And ones in Syria, even those who want to leave will have difficulties doing so, both in Syria and upon their arrival at home where prison may await them.

It seems that the foreigners who join Isis are in general not welcomed as liberators by the local people. On the contrary, locals often consider them as a nuisance because many of these foreigners don't respect the Syrian way of life and even think they should be more radical than people living in the region as often people who convert become more radicalised (e.g. it seems one of the attackers in Paris was ones a minor criminal who "saw the light" and as a consequence became very dangerous has he thought he had to proof his God he is no longer a thief but a believer). Thus, Syrians don't receive much help from Western countries against Assad while they are annoyed with Western jihadists who further damage the reputation of the West (although similarly, some Syrian refugees may refuse to accept our way of life when they arrive in our region). Many of these foreigners also fight together in their own groups for languages reasons, further worsening relations between western jihadists and locals. This article quotes a witness (who was inside Raqqa, the so-called "capital" of the Islamic State) about ...
a hierarchy in the city that put “arrogant foreign fighters” at the top of the social heap and Syrians at the bottom.
Of course, maybe foreigners are better in fighting and more trustworthy than Syrians but I think it is Daesh' policy to increase the frustration by locals against the foreign fighters so the locals want the foreigners out and consider their own Daesh fighters as better than the foreigners. (Identical, Hitler used thugs to frighten people so he could pretend to offer protection against them, an old trick that often works).
I think that the behaviour of many of these foreigners towards the local people may become even worse when many Westerners may consider themselves better than the local people while this behaviour may even be encouraged by Syrian Daesh commanders so people may seek protection by local Daesh fighters or the Syrian, indeed Assad's army. A few more attacks in Europe and a grand coalition may rise to destroy Daesh although by that time most of its fighters may be Westerners while the original Daesh fighters may have retreated into the Syrian army. Indeed, I still think Assad uses Isis to scare people into joining his army (evil people use techniques to scare people towards them - an example is Hitler who used gangs to terrorise areas while he pretended to offer protection; later many gangsters became part of his army and SS while those who may threaten his power were destroyed such as the SA top). If this may happen, it is a pity that youngsters joined an evil organisation while they could have done something good for society. But that evil is destroyed I don't mind. On the other hand, the Syrian army may become even bigger. If the West had intervened when Assad crossed President Obama's red line, the situation may never have grown this big (although fear for actions by Russia (and China) paralyzed the West to help rebels against Assad and Daesh while Russia came into actions after it noticed the West hesitated and mainly focused on the groups that fight against Assad so he can remain in power; still, one day even Russia (and China) may fear Assad and ask our help to defeat him as evil often turns upon those who helped them when they are close to defeat and no longer receive the help they think is necessary to remain in power.

That the situation is grim shows this testimony that describes how the presence of Isis affects everyone whereby those who remain in cities that were conquered by Isis are under attack by both Isis and the West who consider everyone who remained in those cities as possible terrorists. And this article describes the tactics Daesh uses to gain members so that, in the end everyone ends up being enslaved by Isis to kill and maybe be killed, or be killed by Isis.
It is the same with Boko Haram and other groups that kidnap children and then change them into boys who rape and kill, even their best friends or family to avoid being killed. And with little help, these youngsters can't escape and may be killed by those fighting them while the longer we wait fighting them, the more kids get stuck in this web and the more will be killed as they kill.
Probably, one day Raqqa will follow Kobani's faith in order to get rid of this evil while many victims will also be killed.

Gods around the world tell their followers that those who are evil and should die certainly will die (either via suicide bombs or by being killed). Indeed, there are those who think they have to kill themselves (and unfortunately others) to find salvation while others who fight on the wrong side are killed (but unfortunately those who defend people are also killed). But trying to escape our destiny may equally result in our destiny. Indeed, don't help the Syrian people and they will try to escape their enemies in their home country and thus try to reach Europe where we will become increasingly hostile towards refugees and thus anger will grow in both directions, resulting in dangerous situations. But help the people (as should have been done at the start) and fewer will have to flee their country and they may even be happy we saved their lives. Of course, there will be some individuals who will attack us from inside but fewer than when we allow that innocent people are killed by an evil we know exist. And yes, with Assad killed at the start there would probably still have been a civil war but at least with the reason for this upheaval gone.

Current situation

Interview Assad in which he condemns the attacks against Daesh because he didn't authorise them, another suggestion Daesh may be part of his strategy or he would welcome that opponents are destroyed. And as he claims, others may want to destroy Syria, but he too has a big responsibility as he refuses to leave office while that may speeden the end of the civil war.

And just as in Brussels peace talks were going to start, a new chemical attack and another attack on a hospital (likely by the Syrian government as they have chemical weapons) took place. Indeed, although a more relaxed attitude towards Assad's government started under the Obama administration, the current Trump government indicated that Assad may stay if this may solve the crisis and that the Syrian people would ultimately decide his fate, something they can't as Assad has the army on his side and may win even when people want him gone. Still, after the latest attack President Trump seems to blame Assad but also his predecessor Obama as it is correct that he, and Europe, did too little to stop Assad or Daesh and as many say, he will be judged for this just as PM Chamberlain was for signing a deal with Hitler just days before WWII started. But this attack may be a test from Assad about Trump. Indeed, as President Trump seems close to Russia's President Putin, a loyal supporter of Assad and harsh opponent of Assad's opponents (except it seems Daesh), Assad may now see how far Trump may go to stop Assad. And that Assad should go is obvious as he still has chemical weapons, even after he claimed to have removed them. And thus, one day he may use them against us when he notice we start to turn against him. But it is also very likely we want an end to this war and thus accept Assad remains in power so we can claim the war is over and Syrian refugees need to return home while the EU and UN should not allow that this war criminal can continue to rule. Because, if he remains in power and we send people back, they may only have one choice, i.e. join Assad's army or be executed (as even now it seems daily Syrians are killed by the Syrian government) so Assad's army may be larger than before, including very evil persons and thus he may start attacking surrounding areas to revenge the destruction of his country for which he is mainly responsible. And thus, the EU and UN should not give in to this war criminal because allow evil to grow and it will turn upon others while stop it at the start and it will remain small. And if we feared Russia at the start of the Syrian war, we should fear it even more today as it is winning on every stage by convincing us to support its friends.

But the West also needs to wonder why so many people, both in other continents but even within our  own counties hate the West. Maybe it is because we prefer to trade with those who suppress their own people in return for cheap fossil fuels and minerals. Indeed, Assad received quite some support after he came into power, even when it became obvious he didn't introduce changes. Also other autocratic regimes suppress many of their own people while we refuse to help people who are asking for help. In addition, we support one of the worst people in the Middle East, i.e. prime minister of Israel Netanyahu although US President Obama dared to show some criticism because whenever there seemed to be an opportunity for peace (e.g. release of Palestinians as a goodwill gesture), we can be sure we will be surprised by the announcement that more land will be taken from the Palestians and given to colonialists. President Obama who tries to negotiate with Iran while PM Netanyahu seems to be trying to spread lies. But any criticism causes anger by PM Netanyahu and now he turns to the Republicans who seem to support Israel and his attacks on e.g. Iran, just at a moment when President Obama tries to find a solution for the troubles in Iran. Many American Jews don't seem to like PM Netanyahu's visit after the Republican invitation. But of course, the Republicans are now using Israels PM in their fight with their own president. And the Jews should be warned that major troubles will descend upon them after their return to Israel. Indeed, search the internet and discover the evil reasons why some people support the Jews in Israel until Israel is again united and the Temple will be rebuilt after which the struggle starts. Now PM Netanyahu is calling the Jews in the world to return to Israel; I think so he can claim that more Jews in Israel need housing and thus more land has to be taken from the Palestinians. No, not a very nice person who always sided with the hardcore religious fraction in his country to be able to remain in power. And thus, Jews who escape other parts of the world will find war in their back garden and thus will not be able to escape whatever the director of the movie we are living in wrote. He even let His main characters wear such funny clothes that whenever He wanted to punish them, the hardcore religious people would suffer first as they are easily recognisable. Not only presidents Obama and Sarkozy were ones overheard complaining about PM Netanyahu but also the conversation between President Clinton and PM Tony Blair was heavily edited when they discussed the Israeli PM. Of course, everyone and any criticism is wrong. New construction is approved to further expand Jewish territory away from Palestinian land while the Palestians who are trying to defend their own land (just as the Jews are defending what they claim is their own land) may now be shot for throwing stones and this, under the right leader, may unite Muslims against Israel - or may not as was the case over the past decades when Muslims fought against each other. Still, Palestinians may be converted Jews after the foundation of Islam and to be able to remain in the Holy Land under Muslim rulers.

But the Jews are not the worse as they only want to live in their own small country. Muslim and Christian leaders always hoped to rule a territory much larger than what is theirs. And thus in the Middle East politicians and nobility are trying to reduce the influence of other leaders so it increases their own power and thus they mingle with the business of other countries and religions and their differences are used to justifies actions by certain rulers. As a result, the whole region is one big mess. Indeed, each religion has its own devils who use certain politicians to impose their own will upon others and without respect for other voices or way-of-lives, even when those other people don't harm them while instead some religious leaders excuse terror done to others in the name of one God or another.


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