End of lions

A zoo, completely loosing its mind. First, it killed a giraffe that was born in the zoo and showed children that killing is only a game and part of life and thus can be done for fun and education. Now, the same zoo killed four (4 !!!) lions, one beautiful male and his female with their two 10-month old cubs so they can be replaced with one (1) male lion. All this was done for science to prevent future inbreeding but also to prevent that the new male lion would kill the male cub (how science can give itself a bad name when some scientists show so little feelings for other animals while one would expect a zoo understands more than anyone else that even animals like to live by having studied them). How the animals looked like a happy and proud family. It seems that now at least the zoo tried to find another place to house the animals but failed while it seems they may already have learned from their past mistake by not showing children how animals (who trust their owners) are killed and fed to other animals. Still, at least this zoo makes it public they kill animals so that in future people may demand zoos are closed and thus zookeepers may loose their job. I also wonder what the zoo did with the corpses - stuff them so they could be sold to decorate houses? Many zoos criticize circuses for not looking properly after their animals, but animals in that zoo may prefer circuses. And thus, although the zoo doesn't have a new giraffe (yet), they already killed other animals to replace with one new animal of the same species.

Lions, although killers, even they understand what it means to be within a family and cuddle each other.

It seems there are some other young females, and thus the one male lion can produce his own off-spring by the females (how that zoo only thinks in terms of breeding is unimaginable). Still, in future the zoo probably has to kill their offspring and even the male lion because otherwise there may be too many offspring from this one male lion, thus increasing the risk of inbreeding. I start wondering why this zoo (and maybe many others) has any breeding schemes when the zoo thinks it has to kill so many of the special animals that are born in the zoo. Let's hope the male lion will be infertile, although then of course the zoo will have to kill him for not having fun in his life while he will be worthless to them as he will only cost money - but at least his cubs will not have to be killed to prevent inbreeding. How people who don't mind killing can even kill other mighty killers.

For me, zoos should bring understanding between humans and animals. In Argentina there is a zoo that allows very close encounter between humans and animals. I would not come that close to animals that kill as I fear them while I think the zoo goes too far as one day an animal (or a few) may attack and kill people and then people may demand the killing of the animals, and thus I think the government should react to prevent that an accident can happen (because some animals may defend themselves against humans who may hurt them). But even here, some naturalists have become so scared of animals that they talk about the possibility that animals and humans can exchange diseases, even when these animals are very well looked after and thus probably have few if any disease (some naturalists may even agree to kill every captive animal, claiming animals should remain wild). But indeed, there is a possibility that humans may spread diseases with the animals.

A better example how a zoo should treat its animals and thus bring humans and animals closer. This time, not by allowing people to walk between the animals but by allowing the animals to enjoy themselves while we look from a distance, as we would do if we were still walking around in nature. But maybe, by allowing humans close to animals, it may bring everything closer together.


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