(18b) Coloured (and other) people in fashion

Here an article describing an unusual fashion show where it seems many people were very emotional afterwards as people had finally seen normal people during the fashion show.

Indeed, as in ballet (see one of my previous articles), also in fashion is it preferred that most models look similar and that means long, thin and white without any smile or other expression on their face (so young and already using Botox?).

The fashion show by designer Rick Owens seems to have touched a note as it became the fashion show everyone talks about with its mix of different types of people: black and white, slim and bigger but all are probably strong personalities as otherwise they would not have dared to walk there, knowing they probably may be criticised by some people. And thus my previous point has been proven: being different by using other people than convention prescribes can make your show gets noticed. Of course, the next person who makes a similar show will be less noticed.

It seems from the photos some people in the show strongly ignored the medical advice of getting thinner and thinner (without me claiming one should ignore all health advices). Because the best health advice is to feel good under our skin, i.e. too thin or too big will make people feel uncomfortable and thus is unhealthy (e.g. shortness of breath, difficulty walking for both anorectic and obese people) while when you feel good then probably you are at the correct weight and health. And eating healthy (in moderation and varied with little meat) will probably result in a good health.


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