A simple vegetarian pasta with tomato sauce

I just finished eating pasta, and as I think it was very nice, I will also share this recipient with those who may sometimes read my blog. Of course, only vegetables were used as I am vegetarian. As I am single, I describe what I used for one meal, but you can increase the size as you prefer.


Almond nuts
Young fresh spinach leaves
Tomato and grilled vegetables sauce
Hot pepper
Some herbs
Parmesan cheese


Tomato sauce
First, I cut half an onions in small pieces and four medium-sized mushrooms in four to six pieces (not too small), depending upon the original size of the mushrooms. I also cut a garlic and part of a hot pepper (I like it a little spicy) in small pieces. Finally, the almond nuts are cut in half so they are not too big as they can't be cut easily on a plate without making a mesh.

Olive oil is added to a frying pan and placed above the gas fire. When sufficiently hot, I added first some pieces of almond nuts so they could harden a little before adding the mushroom and onion pieces. After they start to become a little soft and brown, I added the pieces of pepper and finally the garlic (the latter not too early as this burns quickly). I also added some herbs to improve the taste.

After another short period, I added the tomato and grilled vegetables sauce I bought to the vegetables. As the pan was quite hot, this started boiling quickly and then I added some fresh small spinach leaves so they became warm without being overcooked. Now the sauce was ready.

In the meanwhile I boiled water and then added pasta (this time I used pasta known as "Farfalle", this is pasta that looks like bow ties (see figure)) and cooked the pasta until it became "al dente" (this means cooked long enough so the pasta is firm but no longer hard and thus we need our teeth to chew the pasta).

End result
After removing the water, I added the pasta to a plate and placed the sauce on top before adding some Parmesan cheese as I think this cheese improves the taste of many pastas but also for a nice look.

If this doesn't result in you wanting to try a vegetarian pasta, I don't know.


And as usual, you can always try other vegetables although I don't think carrots may work as they are too sweat for this dish. But I think green normal peppers or some broccoli or courgette or some cherry tomato's may do well. Or leave out the nuts, certainly when you have an allergy. But keep it moderate and don't overdo it. You name it, try it


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