Vegetarian pasta

Today, I have eaten pasta, more specifically with cheese sauce. Indeed, it doesn't need to be rice during each meal. But in my good tradition, it is vegetarian.

While in the shop I saw some macaroni pasta and as a result I fancied macaroni with cheese sauce although that contains normally ham. I replaced the ham with peanuts and pine nuts, red peppers and courgette. I also used tagliatelle instead of macaroni but I kept the cheese sauce.

I fried the peanuts, red pepper and courgette pieces in olive oil in such a way the vegetables got a light brown colour. Then I added some pine nuts. To improve flavour, I added a little salt and pepper, dried basil and some cayenne pepper and at the end some pieces of garlic to prevent it from burning too much.

At the same time I prepared the cheese sauce (most people know how to do this better than me, thus I don't need to explain). At the end I mixed some pieces of fresh basil leaves and added the vegetables.

In the meanwhile, the tagliatelle was ready which I then added to the sauce and after mixing everything, I was able to eat a lovely meal that didn't take too much efforts to prepare. And the roses, freshly taken from my garden improved the atmosphere. Enjoy it.

Pasta, a glass of wine (missing here) and roses, and ideal mix to create a nice atmosphere in the company of someone.


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