Palestinian-based food

Today, I like to share another vegetarian meal I eat based on a Palestinian receipt. I bought a can of Medammas, containing fava beans (or Vicia faba, also known as the broad bean) and garbanzo beans (or chick peas), water, salt, olive oil, lemon juice and as a secret natural spices (I think with curry as the sauce was yellowish and a little spicy).

Can of Medammas


Can of Medammas, rice, potatoes, green lentils, onion, mushrooms, sprouted soy beans, peanuts, almond nuts and pine nuts, tomato herbs (e.g. pepper and salt, garlic, curry powder).

Preparing the meal

First, I cut garlic, fried them a little in olive oil before adding rice, some herbs and water to cook until ready.

Of course, I also used other ingredients than only the beans in the can, partly because I don't want to cook tomorrow and thus needs a little more but also as a vegetarian I need a mixture of vegetables to be sure I have all necessary nutrients.

I cut potatoes into small cubes that I boiled together with green lentils. In a pan I fried the nuts together with pieces of mushrooms and onions. After some minutes allowing the ingredients to become slightly brown, I added sprouted soy beans. To improve the taste, I also added herbs such as garlic, dried basil, pepper and a little salt and curry powder.

In the meanwhile, the potatoes were cooked and I fried them in a little butter before mixing them with the other ingredients. Finally I added the content of the can Medammas and warmed everything on a small fire.

I cooked the lentils a little further and then added a little corn starch, dissolved in water, to bind the water a little before adding the other ingredients to the lentils and mixing them all together. I also added pieces of tomato and cut fresh basil leaves. I continued heating the mixture for another couple of minutes before serving it together with the rice. You can decide whether to eat the rice together with the vegetables or mix them both.
Rice and vegetables as cooked in the pots and together on my plate ...

... before I decided to mix the rice and vegetables together.
Of course, you are free to add other ingredients as well, such as carrots or courgette. Or leave out some of the ingredients I used, such as the nuts in case you have an allergy.

Enjoy your meal.


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