The veins of a leaf

Look at the beauty of the skeleton of this leaf which I found today in my garden, at the end of the winter.

Life is returning back to my garden and now many leafs that are left after the winter will disappear soon as insects start eating them. During the winter they were a good protection against frost for many insects such as woodlouse. But also snails and worms consume many of these leafs, certainly now when the only food available are old leafs. First the soft parts of the leafs disappear, leaving these beautiful but fragile skeletons. Thus, hurry if you too want to take some pictures of the skeleton of leafs before most are gone. A scanner is ideal for taking this kind of pictures.

Skeleton of the leaf of a rose.

Soon fresh leafs will appear and then, probably just as last year, the battle with snails and slugs eating my plants will start all over again.

Update 12/11/2013: another leave to share.

As I find this too a beautiful leaf, although not yet completely digested, I add this to this page.


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