Full moon .. so beautiful.

Two days ago the moon was stunning: completely round and very bright. But then as we can expect from a cloudless night, that night, close to the end of March, would be very cold although this year many nights of March were very cold even when the sky was cloudy and snowy.

I decided to take some pictures, and I got some nice results (I think). Indeed, as I took the pictures through double glass, whenever the exposure was longer and thus the moon brighter, one or even two other moons could be seen on the pictures because of the reflection in the window. All pictures: ISO 200 and 200mm lens.

Long exposure of 1/20 sec and f/8.0 resulted in three moons.
I find this fascinating and the reflections allow me to discover the higher hills and deeper valleys as the smaller ones disappear.

Shorter exposure of 1/30 sec and f/10. As a result of both changes compared with the previous photo, much less light reached the camera and thus the real moon is no longer totally over-exposed while the third moon is gone.
In the picture of the two moons details on the real moon are becoming visible and although much brighter, almost identical details can be seen in both images of the moon. The left image is slightly unclear, probably not because I handheld the camera but more likely because the double glass of the window resulted in an out-of-focus and thus slightly unclear image.
Shortest exposure of 1/200 sec at f/10 resulted in the sharpest and most detailed picture. I increased slightly the brightness. Notice the lonely crater at the bottom right of the moon
And thus, playing around with my camera to capture a beautiful moon, it resulted in three different images of the same object. Whatever image you prefer, all shows the beauty of the sky and my artistic freedom. It also makes me realise how small and unimportant people are in the larger picture of the universe while locally our actions can be great or destructive and thus very powerful. And then people can start to imagine somewhere else a person may think the same.

Still, I am not very good in seeing the face of the moon. But I tried to see something and with very much imagination, I managed to draw following picture shows that depicts a face ... . And thus our imagination allowed people to tell many stories about the man on the moon.

The face of the moon.


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